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50 People Dead, 12 Injured In Iran Plane Crash

50 People Dead, 12 Injured In Iran Plane Crash

Around 50 people were killed while 12 others were injured after a plane crashed in Tehran

Israel-Gaza Violence

Iran Confirms It Gave Hamas Missile Technology To Fight Israel

An Iranian official confirmed that Tehran shared its missile technology to Hamas militants in Gaza to give them the ability to produce their own weapons and fight Israel.

Nuke talks

Iran Complies with Interim Deal to Eliminate Uranium Stockpiles

Iran has lived up to its promise of eliminating its stockpile of enriched uranium gas as agreed by an interim deal with world powers negotiating with its nuclear program, United Nations nuclear watchdog said.

Iran Offers Modest Reduction Of Nuclear Activities

Iran has started to show some flexibility in its negotiation with the world powers over its nuclear program, proposing to slightly reduce its fuel production as the deadline nears.

Burglar Gets Caught By Facebook

Iranian Court Hands Down Jail Terms To Eight Facebook Activists

An Iranian court has sentenced eight Facebook activists to lengthy prison terms for criticizing the government using the hugely popular social media site.

Iran Arrests Two Over World Cup Video

Iranian officials have arrested two actors who participated in a World Cup video in which young people were shown singing and dancing in support of Iran's soccer team.

Makeup More Commonly Used by Iranian Women

Compared to those in some western countries, women in Iran wear everyday makeup despite the fashion restrictions and financial downturns in the country.

Iran and Nigeria Ban Public Viewing of World Cup Games

Iran and Nigeria have put a ban on public viewings of World Cup matches. Iran's ban is motivated by the desire for crowd control and cafes and restaurants are banned from tuning into the matches. Nigeria fears terrorist attacks by the Boko Haram and has issued a ban in an attempt to save lives and prevent possible assaults.

Leila Hatami

Iranian Actress Blames Cannes President As She Faces Flogging

Iranian actress Leila Hatami has issued a public apology for kissing Cannes president, blaming the 83 year-old man, while Iranian students petition for her to be flogged and imprisoned in accordance to Islamic law.

Syrian rebels

Mortar Attack Kills 21 in Syria

A large electoral tent in southern Syria used for campaigning for long-term President Bashar al-Assad was struck with a mortar shell Thursday, killing at least 21 people and wounding many more.

Iran Bans WhatsApp, Accuses Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg of Being “Zionist”

Iran was reported to have banned the proprietary cross-platform messaging application WhatsApp because it is owned by Mark Zuckerberg, who they claim is a supporter of Israel.

US Offers $5 Million Reward For The Arrest Of Chinese Businessman Li Fangwei

The US has offered a $5 million reward for the arrest Chinese businessman, Li Fangwei, on charges of supplying illegal explosives to Iran.

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