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Kaby Lake

Asus ROG

Asus Unveils Refreshed Gaming Laptops With Kaby Lake Chips

When Intel released the Kaby Lake processors, several PC manufacturers quickly embraced the new chips and integrate it into their products. Recently, PC maker Asus released several new gaming laptops with Intel’s seventh generation processors.

Samsung Notebook 9

New Samsung Notebook 9 Models will Sport Intel Kaby Lake Chips

South Korean tech giant Samsung recently announced that the company's newest line of Notebook 9 series will be integrated with the powerful Intel Kaby Lake processors.


Seventh-Generation Intel Core i3 Kaby Lake is Unlocked, Overclock Ready

A new leak has revealed that the upcoming seventh-generation Intel i3 Kaby Lake processors will be unlocked and overclock-ready, a first for the company's i3 range of processors. The leak is the latest among a trove of information regarding the new Kaby Lake processors. Previous leaks revealed the price of the chip and provided some insight into its performance.

Microsoft Introduces New Generation Of Their Surface Tablets

Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Release Date, News & Update: Surface Pro 5 to be Launched in June or October? To Feature the New Kaby Lake Processor

The release date of Microsoft Surface Pro 5 is rumored to be in June or in October. However, there are contradicting claims that the Surface Pro 5 will be unveiled in the first quarter of 2017 in time for Microsoft's upgraded operating system.

Surface Book 2 would be priced at under $1499.

Microsoft Surface Book 2 Release Delayed Until 2017; Cause of Delay Points to Intel’s Production of Kaby Lake

Early this year, rumors about the release of the Microsoft Surface Book 2 have made their way online. According to speculations, the year would not end without the release of the highly anticipated device; however, fresh reports indicate that Microsoft Surface Book 2 unveiling was pushed back to a 2017 release date.

Microsoft Surface Pro 5

Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Rumors: Windows 10 Update Causes 2016 Release Date Impossible?

Consumers who have been waiting for the arrival of Microsoft Surface Pro 5 may need to extend their patience further as the previously rumored 2016 release date might not happen anymore.


Intel Bids Tick-Tock Cycle Farewell; Introduces New Three-Step Manufacturing Cycle

It appears that chipmaker Intel is finally ready to bid farewell to its usual "tick-tock" product cycle. Experts say this will be a major microarchitectural change. Intel will introduce a new three-step process that will incorporate Process, Architecture and Optimization (PAO).

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