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Former EXO Member Kris Wu Makes an Appearance in SK; Rumored to Make Comeback Under SM Ent

Alex Oh   | Oct 10, 2016 06:00 AM EDT

Kris Wu arrived in South Korea on Oct. 2, sparking rumors that his former agency, SM Entertainment, has requested for him to comeback. read more

Lu Han and Kris Wu’s Lawsuit Against SM Entertainment Ends; Contracts Still Valid Until 2022

Alex Oh   | Jul 23, 2016 06:15 AM EDT

The contractual dispute between SM Entertainment and former EXO members Lu Han and Kris Wu has finally come to and end. read more

Kris Wu Criticized for Terrible Acting in 'Never Gone,' Film Performs Well in China Box Office

Alex Oh   | Jul 17, 2016 01:24 PM EDT

Following the release of some clips from the upcoming Chinese youth drama film "Never Gone," former EXO member and actor Kris Wu has come under criticism from Korean viewers for his "terrible acting. read more

Seoul Court Queries SM on “Uneven” Profit Distribution

Alex Oh   | Mar 19, 2016 07:59 AM EDT

The Seoul Central District Court has questioned SM Entertainment about the alleged "uneven" distribution of profits between company and its artists during the third hearing on a lawsuit against former EXO members Kris Wu and Lu Han. read more

Kris Wu to Star in “xXx” Alongside Vin Diesel, Posts Photo With Actor on Instagram

Alex Oh   | Feb 10, 2016 10:15 AM EST

Former EXO member Kris Wu will be joining the cast of the third installment of the Hollywood film "xXx!" read more

China Producer Gao Xiao Song Drops Clues About Wu Yi Fan's Solo Album; Wu to Attend 2015 NY Met Ball

Cleo Fagela   | Apr 25, 2015 04:24 AM EDT

Mainland Chinese producer Gao Xiao Song drops hints about Wu Yi Fan’s upcoming solo album on his Weibo page, revealing that the project would include some English songs. read more

Lu Han, Wu Yi Fan and Jessica Jung to Appear in Chinese Idol Athletics Show

Cleo Fagela   | Apr 13, 2015 03:52 AM EDT

Rumors say that former SM Entertainment artists Jessica Jung, Lu Han and Wu Yi Fan will be making appearances on a Chinese idol athletics show produced by Dragon TV. read more

Jackie Chan Mistakes Wu Yi Fan for Li Yi Feng

Cleo Fagela   | Mar 31, 2015 02:49 AM EDT

International martial arts actor and director Jackie Chan mistakes former EXO-member-turned-actor and solo artist Wu Yi Fan for Chinese singer-actor Li Yi Feng, causing mixed reactions from netizens. read more

Korean Netizens Slam Lu Han and Wu Yi Fan; Calls Them 'Pigeons'

Cleo Fagela   | Feb 16, 2015 11:28 PM EST

Korean netizens have recently subjected former EXO member Lu Han Wu Yi Fan under fire, calling them ‘pigeons’, after the former posted a message in Weibo regarding the cancellation of their performance on CCTV’s New year’s Gala. read more

Kris Wu Criticized After Being Photographed 'Smoking'

Cleo Fagela   | Jan 24, 2015 02:16 AM EST

Wu Yi Fan, otherwise known as Kris Wu, has recently been under fire after being photographed in a restaurant with a friend, allegedly smoking a cigarette despite his rumored poor health condition. read more

Controversial Korean Idols Kris and Jessica Spotted at Sohu Fashion Awards in China

Nyrene Grace Patricia Paranga   | Dec 24, 2014 08:31 AM EST

Kris and Jessica were spotted sitting beside each other during the Sohu Fashion Awards in China. read more

Kris Wu to Attend Second Mediation with SM Entertainment

Cleo Fagela   | Dec 02, 2014 05:44 AM EST

Wu Yi Fan, otherwise known as Kris Wu, one of the Chinese members of the South Korean boy band EXO, will reportedly be attending a second mediation with SM Entertainment, his former managing company, following his lawsuit last May. read more

EXO to Make Their Comeback in January 2015

Cleo Fagela   | Nov 14, 2014 02:37 AM EST

A South Korean online media outlet called DongA has released an exclusive news about the boy band EXO’s upcoming activities, claiming that they will be making a comeback in January 2015, starting anew with a different concept this time around. read more

Kris Wu Releases His Song 'There is a Place' for His 24th Birthday

Cleo Fagela   | Nov 06, 2014 08:14 AM EST

EXO’s former member Wu Yi Fan, otherwise known as Kris Wu, celebrates his 24th birthday today, November 6, and has gifted fans with a song entitled "There is a Place," which is one of the original motion picture soundtrack of the upcoming Chinese film "Somewhere Only We Know." read more

Kris Wu Said to Be Having a Hard Time Signing with China Agencies

Cleo Fagela   | Oct 29, 2014 07:15 AM EDT

South Korea band EXO’s former Chinese member Wu Yi Fan, otherwise known as Kris Wu, is said to be having a hard time getting signed up with an entertainment agency in China as opposed to the news that he has already signed up with Hwai Brothers. read more

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