Updated 11:29 AM EDT, Tue, Jun 16, 2020

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For Lithuania

Lithuania Plans to Acquire Attack Helicopters as Military Buildup vs Russia Continues

All these expensive hardware acquisitions are being funded by Lithuania's $930 million defense budget.

Ready to fight

German Troops will Defend Baltic States against Russia for as Long as it Takes

In early February, men of the Deutsches Heer began deploying to Lithuania.

Preparing for war

US Keeps Pouring Men and Materiel into Europe to Bolster NATO against Russia

The U.S. military deployment is also a show of force to directly respond to what NATO sees as increased Russian aggression.

Against Russia

German and NATO Troops Deploy to Lithuania; Stand with Baltic States against Russia

"NATO deterrence protects peace."


NATO and US Deploy More Military Power to Eastern Europe as Threat of War vs Russia Rises

NATO secretary general Jens Stoltenberg said that recent tactics by Moscow had forced NATO to respond.

FIBA World Cup: USA Move on to Gold-Medal Game With Win Over Lithuania (RECAP)

Team USA defeats Lithuania 96-68 in the semi-finals to move on to the gold-medal game of the FIBA World Cup. USA were tested in the first half, but rallied back with a dominating third quarter to breeze through for a win.

Derrick Rose attacks the board against Slovenia

FIBA World Cup: USA, Lithuania to Semifinals

Both Team USA and Team Lithuania made it to the semifinal stage of the FIBA World Cup.

Joe Ingles (L) celebrates win

FIBA World Cup: Australia Upsets Lithuania in Group D action

FIBA Group D featured games between Australia and Lithuania, Slovenia and Korea, and Mexico and Angola.

Poland meeting

British Lawmakers Discuss Russian Threat, Urge NATO to Boost Presence in Vulnerable Countries

NATO is unprepared to respond to a possible attack by Russia on one of its members, according to British lawmakers.

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