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Space Agencies Worldwide Plan to Return to the Moon

NASA is now focusing on developing its deep-space capabilities for a possible manned mission to Mars by 2035.


How Synthetic Biology Can Make Mars Exploration Possible

Scientists believe that the use of synthetic biology can conserve and replenish energy sources such as fuel and food during manned space missions .

Comet Siding Spring approaching Mars

Comet Alters Mars' Atmosphere; Causes Meteor Shower

NASA's MAVEN satellite collected important data when Siding Spring passed by Mars and changed the planet's atmosphere.

Mars 2020 rover

New NASA Technology Will Allow Astronauts to be Self Sustainable on Mars

ISRU will enable deep space missions by using natural resources indigenous to Mars.


NASA Hopes to Get to Mars, One Asteroid at a Time

NASA is actively pursuing a fantastic mission called the Asteroid Redirect Mission.

Earth and Mars

Asteroids Can Help Humans Reach Mars

Yes, humans can reach the Red Planet by using asteroids.

 Mars as seen by MAVEN

NASA's MAVEN Takes First Photos of Mars' Upper Atmosphere

NASA said this is the most detailed and extensive image yet of the upper Martian atmosphere.

Mars can kill you.

Mars One Martian Colony Impossible, says MIT Study

These Martian colonists will most likely die in just 68 days.

Comet Siding Spring

NASA Prepares for Colossal Mountain Sized Comet Approaching Mars

The comet called Siding Spring will pass within 87,000 miles of Mars.


Comet's Mars Flyby to Give NASA More Clues about the Early Solar System

Comet Siding Spring will fly past Mars next weekend.

13-year old American Aims to be the First Human on Mars

The first person on Mars could be this young lady.


NASA Plans to Put Astronauts In Deep Sleep During Space Missions

This process is also called torpor.

Photo of Mars

NASA Explains "Golf Ball" Photo Taken by Curiosity on Mars

Scientists explain how this odd shaped spherical rock formation came about in a process similar to erosion.

An example of the Queen B building for Mars

Beehive-Inspired Apartments Planned for Mars Living

3D product designer Noah Hershberger has created rooms inspired by beehives and aptly called, "The Queen B." These homes are designed so that people can stay on planet Mars.


NASA's MAVEN Probe to Enter Mars This Weekend to Study Its Atmosphere

After ten months of travelling through space, NASA's MAVEN probe will finally enter Mars' atmosphere to study its climate and habitability.

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