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Long March 3C, carrying an experimental spacecraft, lifts off from the launch pad at the Xichang Satellite Launch Center, Sichuan province, October 24, 2014.

China Will Use Pollutant-Free Rocket Fuel Starting 2015

China's CSATC will begin using pollutant-free rocket fuel starting 2015 for their next generation Long March carrier rockets.

Mars from Curiosity

Gale Crater on Mars Shows Evidence of Ancient Water

Since Curiosity arrived three years ago, it's travelled nearly six miles across Mars.


China Unveils Ambitious Space Program Agenda: Mars by 2020, Space Station by 2022

China hopes to put a rover on Mars by 2020, complete a manned space station by 2022, and test a heavy carrier rocket by 2030.

The Red Planet

Another Strange Circular Landform Found on Mars' Surface

Mars' surface has a strange waffle-like landform.

Delta IV with Orion

Glitch Delays Orion's Maiden Launch

In 2021, two astronauts will orbit the Moon in Orion.

The Red Planet

Meteorite Reveals Proof of Life on Mars

Researchers determined the Tissint meteorite was ejected from Mars some 700,000 years ago.

Orion and Delta

NASA Uses New Countdown Clock For Orion's Lift-off Thursday

Orion's first manned mission is set to occur in the early 2020s.

Japan's Hayabusa 2 Asteroid Landing Probe to Launch Dec. 1

Because of bad weather, Japan decided to cancel the launch of Hayabusa 2 on Sunday, November 30.


90,000 'Hellos' will be Beamed to Mars Today

The project called "Beam Me to Mars" invited interested space enthusiasts to send digital radio wave transmissions to Mars.


'Former NASA Employee' Claims Two 'Humans' Walked on Mars

Two humans walked in the surface of Red Planet during the 70s.


NASA to Test on Dec. 4 Orion Spacecraft Capable of Bringing Humans to Multiple Destinations in Deep Space

The National Aeronautic and Space Administration (NASA) is set to test next month the Orion spacecraft which would be capable of bringing humans to several destinations in deep space. The launch, though, would still be unmanned. It will be on December 4 at NASA's Florida Space Coast.

NASA Gives Go Signal to Build Spacecraft Headed for Mars in 2016

The InSight spacecraft is expected to land on Mars by September.


Volcanic Eruptions Formed Water on Mars

A new study reveals volcanoes were responsible for liquid water on the Red Planet.


Water Seemed to Flow Freely on Ancient Mars – but Under Specific Conditions

Current climate models of ancient Mars propose an atmosphere too thin to eliminate any possibility it could heat the planet enough for water to flow.


Humans To Visit Mars by 2035, NASA Says

Sending people to live on Mars and conduct extensive research there will teach scientists a great deal about the Red Planet and the Earth.

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