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Facebook Adds 'Pac-Man' and 'Space Invaders' to Messenger Games

Facebook has just added the classic games, "Pac-Man" and "Space Invaders," to its growing list of instant mini games within the Messenger app.

Facebook cleared rumors about mic eavesdropping

Facebook to Disable Messaging on its Mobile Web App

Facebook has announced that it is gearing up to make a major change on its mobile web application. Facebook said that it would be removing the messaging feature from its mobile app to promote the use of its mobile messaging platform, Messenger.

Digital Mercury

First USGS Digital Topographic Map of Mercury Shows Entire Surface

Using ISIS, over 100,000 spacecraft images and photos detailing Mercury's landforms and features were combined to create the new digital map.

Blackberry Messenger is finally available for Windows Phone 8

Facebook Stops Support for BlackBerry 10

Facebook is joining WhatsApp in cancelling its support for the BlackBerry 10 operating system. Facebook's messaging platform will also stop supporting the operating system of the struggling phone manufacturer.


Leaked Document Reveal Plans to Introduce ads on Facebook Messenger

A leaked document has revealed that social networking giant Facebook is planning to introduce ads on its messaging platform, Messenger. The document said that users, who voluntarily chat with a company via Facebook Messenger, will give the company permission to them send spam contents. Although Facebook is yet to confirm this, rumors indicate that the feature will be rolled out as early as April.

Yahoo Messenger Resurrected as a Messaging App

Yahoo Messenger Enters Mobile Messaging Platform

Yahoo Messenger was the most online popular communications platform in about a decade ago. The platform slowly lost its magic as it was not able to keep up with newer forms of messaging feature. Now, Yahoo is planning a comeback for its Messenger service which is now focusing more on the mobile platform.

Facebook Messenger launches a self-destructing message feature.

Facebook Tests Snapchat-like Self-Destructing Messages

Facebook Messenger is introducing a new feature that automatically destroys messages after a certain period of time. The feature is currently on its testing phase and is available to Messenger users in France.


NASA Reveals the Ancient Magnetic Field of Mercury

The data was accurately corrected by sending the Messenger in orbit in close proximity to the planet.

Colorful images of Mercury

NASA Has Released Mercury’s Colorful Images

Mercury appeared to be rainbow-colored and can be explained by a system that is responsible in capturing the spectral data that is about the surface and exosphere of the planet.


NASA's MESSENGER to Crash into Mercury on April 16

The spacecraft's cameras and other sophisticated, high-technology instruments have collected unprecedented images and made other observations

Facebook Launches Messenger for the Web

It's not confirmed if Facebook will drop messaging from the main client on the web.

Mercury up close

Join NASA's Contest to Name the Craters of Mercury

The contest will run from December 15 to January 15, 2015.

Facebook Stickers can now be Used In Comments

Only a few stickers will be available outside the limits of messaging, however.

BitTorrent logo

BitTorrent Releases Anti-NSA Messaging App

BitTorrent Inc., based in San Francisco, Calif., announced on Wednesday it is releasing Bleep, a mobile chat app that ensures the users' privacy.

Facebook Messenger launches a self-destructing message feature.

Facebook Moves Chat to Messenger App

Intends to make Facebook Messenger an important business.

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