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The population of Beijing currently stands at 20 million, more than twice the population of New York or London.

Beijing Introduces New Regulations to Control City's Population

Beijing announced on Thursday that it will be introducing a stringent migration policy in order to curb the population of the city.

Italian Border Patrols Pick Up Boatloads Of Illegal Immigrants

Migrant Boat Sinks off Libyan Coast, Dozens Dead, Missing

Migrants have been rescued off the coast of Libya on their way to Italy after their boat capsized. It is feared that dozens have died in the ferry accident.

Katie Hopkins Likens Migrants To Cockroaches Angers Netizens

In light of the recent migrant tragedy in the Mediterranean where 700 were believed to have died, Katie Hopkins earned the disapproval of numerous netizens after she compared migrants to "cockroaches" in her latest Sun column.


Ancient Massive Migration Resulted in Modern European Languages

This new study is the biggest of its kind so far.

Would-be immigrants gather in the courtyard of a temporary immigrant holding center after crossing the border from Morocco to Spain's North African enclave of Melilla March 18, 2014.

Hundreds Of African Migrants Attempt To Enter Spain By Boat

Spanish authorities save hundreds of African migrants traveling in boats trying to enter the territory of Spain.

Overloaded Boat Carrying Indonesian Migrants Sinks Off Coast of Malaysia, 3 Dead, Dozens Missing

A boat carrying 97 illegal migrants from Indonesia sank off the coast of Malaysia on Wednesday, resulting in at least three dead and 34 missing.

Chinese Migrants Attracted to Shanghai

People in China have been attracted to migrate in Shanghai following the recorded net inflow of migrants into the city at 9.535 million last year.

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