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national security

China Cyber Spies

US to Halt Chinese Investments in Strategic US Tech Firms

The government wants to give CFIUS more power to stop "China's predatory practices."

Donald Trump

Trump Has No Time for Intelligence Briefs

US President-elect Donald Trump has reportedly received only two classified intelligence briefings since he was elected

China At a  Higher Risk of Financial Crimes Committed by Terrorists

China is More Prone to Financial Crimes by Terrorists - PBOC Official

China is at a higher risk of being penetrated by criminal activities in its financial sector such as money laundering and financing of terrorist groups as it comes closer to being integrated into global markets, a high-ranking bank official warned on Tuesday.

U.S. Visa

U.S. Restricts Visa-Waiver Program in Anti-Terror Move

The U.S. will tighten its visa-waiver program as part of its efforts to prevent terror attacks in the country, the White House has announced.

China Power Grid

Chinese Power Workers, Victims Of Philippine-China Territorial Dispute?

The Philippine Energy Department said it would no longer seek the renewal of the working visas of 16 Chinese nationals assigned to the Philippine grid. The reason given by Manila was that a senator raised the issue of security concerns.

U.S. President Barack Obama

Obama Wants Full Review Of U.S.Hostage Policy

United States President Barack Obama ordered his people to conduct a full review of the government's policy regarding U.S. hostages who are being held captive overseas, the White House confirmed on Monday.

Syrian rebels

Obama Plans CIA Expansion On Anti-ISIS Covert Operations

The Obama administration has been mulling plans to increase the Central Intelligence Agency's (CIA) involvement in providing support to moderate rebels in Syria, in an effort to boost U.S. anti-Islamic State operations, even as the Pentagon prepares to set up additional training facilities.

U.S. President Barack Obama and China's President Xi Jinping at the APEC Welcome Banquet November 10, 2014.

U.S., China Set To Cooperate On Military Measures

China and the United States are gearing to unveil plans aimed at averting the possibility of military conflict between the two powers as President's Xi Jinping and Barack Obama meet on Wednesday, according to U.S. officials cited by the Wall Street Journal on Tuesday.

North Carolina Republican U.S. Sen. Richard Burr

A Republican Win On Tuesday Will Be Favorable To CIA

A Republican-led Senate will likely have a better partnership with the Central Intelligence Agency and the National Security Agency than a Democratic-led one, which has currently been wrangling with the two agencies over data spying and compliance to congressional oversight.


Photographers Charged For Illegally Using Drones To Take Aerial Photos In Beijing

Chinese authorities charged three photographers in Beijing for endangering public security after using an illegal drone in an attempt to take aerial photos of an airport in Hebei Province in December last year.

U.S. President Barack Obama

Obama Meets With Top Officials on Ebola Case

President Barack Obama met with some of his top national security officials and senior health administration aides on Monday to talk about Ebola and how the Dallas nurse was infected with the virus.

Twitter Sues U.S. Government Over National Security Data Restrictions

Twitter sued the United States government regarding the limitations imposed by the Justice Department on what the company can disclose publicly about national security requests for user data.

Modi Says India Won’t Join U.S. Military Attacks On Daesh But Will Help Control Terror

India's Ministry of External Affairs released a statement saying India will not join the U.S.-led coalition of countries that will fight the militant Islamic State, also known as ISIL or Daesh.

James Comey, the director of the FBI

FBI Director Calls Out Apple, Google Over Smartphone Encryption

James Comey, director of the United State's Federal Bureau of Investigation, slammed Apple and Google on Thursday for creating new types of data encryption for smartphones.

Australian Police

Teen Shot Dead By Australian Police Was ‘Known Terror Suspect’

The teen that Australian police shot dead after a stabbing incident in Melbourne was a "known terror suspect" who was involved in national security issues.

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