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Flop in Syria

Russia’s Su-35S Fighter a Big Failure in Ground Attack Missions in Syria

"There will be no AESA," said Kashin.


US Navy Next Generation Jammer Threatens to Blind China’s A2/AD Network in South China Sea

Airborne AESA radars are more difficult to detect by enemy EW systems.

China reportedly installed an over-the-horizon radar system.

China Installs High-Tech Over-the-Horizon Radar System

China has reportedly set up a high-tech radar system in Inner Mongolia with a detection range of up to 3,000 kilometers, a move to spy on South Korean and Japanese military maneuvers, Chinese media reported on Monday.


‘Meta-skin’ Developed by Iowa State Engineers Can Make Stealth Aircraft Stealthier

It was developed by a team of Chinese-American and Chinese researchers.

China Scientists Develop a Stealth Material For Aircrafts to be Undetected on Radar

Chinese Scientists Develop Stealth Material to Make Aircrafts Undetected by Radars

China scientists have developed a light and thin material for aircrafts that makes planes hard to detect on radar systems.


New Quantum Radar Can Detect Stealth Aircraft

Today's radar systems don't have the ability to detect objects of low reflectivity.

Charlie Sheen

Brett Rossi, Charlie Sheen's Ex-Fiancée, Passes Out After Drug Overdose

Charlie Sheen's ex-girlfriend Brett Rossi was rushed to the hospital after a drug overdose over the weekend.

Phased array radar system for missile defense

Engineers Aim to Make Cars Safer with Phased-Array Radar Tech

An advanced automotive phased-array radar system is a crucial element in a high-precision automotive radar system.

Text and drive

New Radar Allows Cops to Tell if You're Texting while Driving

Texting while driving has been identified as a potentially hazardous activity that risks the lives of many persons.

Ben Affleck Banned In A Las Vegas Casino

Ben Affleck was reported to have been banned in a Las Vegas casino after security caught alleged card counting while playing a game of blackjack.

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