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Taiwan releases 20 fraud suspects

China Slams Taiwan for Premature Release of Fraud Suspects

Taiwan has received criticism from Chinese citizens prior to its self-ruled decision on releasing 20 fraud suspects a day after they were deported from Malaysia.

Taiwanese Deportion Row.

Taiwan Fears That Malaysia May Deport Taiwanese Citizens to China

Amid the escalating row over Kenya deporting Taiwanese citizens to China, Taiwan's government now fears that Malaysia would also follow the same pattern.

Taiwanese Deported From Kenya.

Beijing Claims Jurisdiction Over Taiwan Deportees from Kenya

China on Wednesday said that group of Taiwanese citizens deported from Kenya are wanted in mainland China for serious charges, claiming complete jurisdiction over the Taiwanese deportees.

China will prosecute group of Taiwanese citizens;

China to Prosecute Taiwanese Nationals Liable in Fraud Case

China will prosecute 45 Taiwanese citizens deported from Kenya on Wednesday in connection with a telecommunication scam.

OPPO R9 Smartphone Set to Launch in Taiwan on May 1

OPPO R9 Smartphone to be Launched in Taiwan on May 1

Chinese smartphone maker OPPO has announced that it will launch its latest device called the R9 smartphone in Taiwan. The R9 selfie smartphone will retail at a price of NT$14,990 (US $460) in Taiwan starting May 1.

China, Taiwan

Kenya Deports 77 Chinese Suspects, Including 45 Taiwanese, to Mainland China for Telecom Fraud

A total of 77 Chinese suspects, including 45 Taiwanese, were deported by the Kenya police to mainland China reportedly because of telecom fraud.

Chinese Nationals Flee Vietnam As Tensions Grow Over Disputed Seas

Taiwan Republic Stickers on Passports Spark Controversy in China

Taiwan's Legislative Yuan has approved an amendment to the law on April 6, allowing the "Taiwan Republic" stickers on their "Republic of China" passports. The revoked legislation sparked controversy in China, refusing two Taiwanese visitors to enter the mainland.

Taiwan Accusses China of Kidnapping Taiwanese Citizens.

Taiwan Accuses China of Kidnapping Eight Taiwanese Nationals From Kenya

Taiwan on Monday accused China of abducting eight of its citizens from Kenya who were facing deportation after the Kenyan High Court acquitted them of cyber crime earlier last week.

Rally in Taipei

Thousands Rally in Taiwan to Support Death Penalty

Thousands attended a rally in Taipei yesterday to support for the continued use of the death penalty. The demonstration comes as the recent horrific beheading of a four-year-old girl in Taipei has ignited debate over capital punishment.

US-Taiwan Travel

Taiwan and US Sign Agreement to Ease Travel

Travel between the US and Taiwan just became much easier, as the two countries signed an expedited travel cooperation agreement earlier this week. The agreement will allow eligible US and Taiwanese nationals to bypass long lines and check through customs electronically.


Taiwanese Company Foxconn Acquires Sharp in $3.5 Billion Deal

Taiwanese company Foxconn completed its acquisition of Japanese electronics manufacturer Sharp yesterday, signing a US$3.5 billion deal that will give them control of 66 percent of the company.

China, Czech Republic Forge Strategic Partnership

China, Czech Republic Forge Strategic Partnership

Chinese President Xi Jinping and Czech Republic President Milos Zeman have signed multiple cooperation agreements, one of which is aimed at strengthening the strategic partnership between both nations by boosting economic ties and increasing investment.


Taiwan Hosts International Media on Disputed Island

On Wednesday, Taiwan hosted a group of international journalists on disputed Itu Aba islet in an attempt to disprove the Philippines' claim that the South China Sea island is merely an uninhabitable rock.

Taiwan launches its first ever Hello Kitty themed train

Taiwan Unveils Hello Kitty-Themed Train

Hello Kitty fans have something to go crazy about as Taiwan launched its first ever Taroko Express train themed after the white Japanese Bobtail cat with a red bow on its head on Monday.

Beijing announced on Thursday that it had resumed diplomatic ties with Gambia, ending the decade old diplomatic hostility between the African nation and Mainland China.

Gambia Leaves Taiwan in Lurch, Resumes Ties With China

Beijing announced on Thursday that it has resumed diplomatic ties with Gambia, ending the decade-old diplomatic hostility between the African nation mainland China.

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