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Typhoon Meranti

At least 10 Dead, 6 Missing as Typhoon Meranti Cools Down in China

Chinese government officials have confirmed that Typhoon Meranti has killed at least 10 people and left at least six people missing as it cooled on Friday.

Typhoon Meranti batters Southern China and Taiwan

Typhoon Meranti Batters Southern China and Taiwan

Typhoon Meranti has hit southeastern China after causing devastation in Taiwan. The typhoon led to torrential rainfall and heavy winds in southeastern China. It also pulled out trees and interrupted power supply. The powerful typhoon made landfall in southeastern China at 3 a.m. on Thursday. It is expected to proceed to move inland.

China Warns Taiwan Over Dalai Lama.

China Warns Taiwan to Cancel Dalai Lama’s Visit

China on Wednesday warned the Taiwanese government not to allow the exiled Tibetan spiritual leader Dalai Lama to visit the island nation. The warning came after reports emerged that high profile Taiwanese legislator, Freddy Lim, has forwarded a formal invitation to the Dalai Lama visit to Taiwan.


Taiwan to Receive Deadly Mark 48 Submarine Torpedo from the US

The torpedoes will arm the two Dutch-built Sea Dragon-class (Zwaardvis Mk 2) submarines.

129 telecom Fraudsters have been deported back to China for prosecution

129 Telecom Fraud Culprits to Face Prosecution in China

About 129 Chinese and Taiwanese fraud culprits who were nabbed by Armenia's Ministry of Public Security have been deported to China to face prosecution.

Cambodian authorities nabbed 64 people from mainland China and Taiwan on Tuesday for allegedly being involved in an internet scam.

Cambodia Nabs 64 Internet VoIP Scam Suspects From China, Taiwan

Cambodian authorities nabbed 64 people from mainland China and Taiwan on Tuesday for allegedly being involved in an internet scam.

Zika Virus

Travel Notice Issued for Singapore as Zika Virus Infects 56 People

Travel notices have been issued to citizens of Australia, Taiwan, and South Korea to cancel any plans of going to Singapore. This move comes after the Zika virus was confirmed to have infected its 56th victim in the city-state.

CTBC Financial Holdings and China CITIC Bank Corp Deal.

Deal Between CTBC Financial Holdings and China CITIC Bank Falls Apart Amid Growing Tension Between China, Taiwan

Taiwan-based CTBC Financial Holdings and China's CITIC Bank Corp have canceled their plan to invest in each other's company amid on-going political tension between both countries.

Not scared of the mainland

Taiwan Holds Largest Ever Military Drills Simulating Defeat of Mainland China Invasion

The massive five-day exercise is the largest ever in the ROC's histor.

Taiwanese Vice President to Visit Vatican.

Taiwan's Vice President to Visit Vatican Amid Thaw Between China and Holy See

Taiwanese Vice President Chen Chien-jen would visit the Vatican next week, as Taiwan seeks to cement its relationship with its only European ally amid the growing rapprochement between Beijing and the Holy See.

Cross Strait Relations.

Taiwan President Claims Unofficial Communication Channels With China Still Intact

Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen said on Saturday that unofficial communication channels with China are very much intact despite Beijing suspending official communication channels with the island nation earlier this year.

Cross Strait Relations.

Taiwan Fumes as Kenya Deports More Taiwanese Citizens to China

Taiwan on Monday protested against Kenya's decision to deport five of its citizens to China in connection with telecommunication fraud.

The Sony PS VR headset has a price tag of NT$12,980.

Sony Starts Pre-Orders of PlayStation VR Headsets in Taiwan

Sony has started taking pre-orders for its latest PlayStation (PS) VR headset in Taiwan.

Apple Store

Apple Opens First Store in Taiwan

Tech giant Apple has opened its first flagship store in Taiwan, the home country of one of its primary assembler, Foxconn. A job listing posted by Apple for its Taiwan flagship store shows that the company is looking for qualified applicants to fill the posts of customer support, sales, and leadership positions.


China’s Luxshare Precision Industry Closes Deal With Taiwan’s Merry Electronics

Chinese electronics supplier Luxshare Precision Industry has signed a preliminary agreement with a Suzhou-based acoustics devices company owned by Taiwan-based Merry Electronics. Details of the deal include Luxshare paying up to $89.5 million for as much as 60 percent of ownership shares in the Suzhou-based company.

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