Updated 2:12 PM EST, Wed, Jan 29, 2020

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Trump Pacifies Japan after making a courtesy Call to China’s Xi

Donald Trump Assures Japan.

(Photo : Getty Images. ) U.S President Donald Trump met Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on Friday at the White House. Abe's visit to White House comes barely days after Trump made a courtesy call to Chinese President Xi Jingping.

After patching up with China earlier this week, U.S President Donald Trump turned towards Japan on Friday to assure that it will continue to defend its close ally in the Asia Pacific region. Trump's reassurance is believed to be aimed at sending a clear message that U.S foreign policy won't be overhauled without considering the interests of all its close allies.   

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The U.S president delivered the important message during his one-to-one meeting with Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe at the White House. Ahead of the meeting, Trump welcomed Abe to the White House with a hug in an apparent gesture that their diplomatic relations was as close as it has always been.

At the joint press conference after the meeting, Trump said that he wishes to bring post-World War II alliance with Japan "even closer" as he highlighted both countries mutual interests including North Korea issue and 'freedom of navigation' operation. He also insisted that it is immensely critical that both countries continue to invest heavily to enhance their defence capabilities.    

About his courtesy call to China's president Xi, the U.S president assured that his long and warm conversation will yield positive outcome for Tokyo as well. "I believe that will all work out very well for everybody, China, Japan, the United States and everybody in the region," he said.  

Japan is the closest ally of U.S in Asia pacific region, with both countries forming a major alliance to counter china's aggression in South China Sea. Tokyo also counts on America's support to protect its sovereign claim over the East China Sea region.

However, Tokyo and Beijing's dispute goes beyond the territorial issues. Both countries have been arch rivals for much of the six decades, with China constantly accusing Japan of not acknowledging its controversial wartime legacy.      

Meanwhile, Abe and Trump also discussed host of economic issues during their meeting at the White House. The Japanese leader proposed that his country could help U.S to build high speed bullet train across the country.    

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