Updated 11:29 AM EDT, Tue, Jun 16, 2020

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Facebook not Interested In the Automotive Industry

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is not interested in getting the social network integrated on car dashboards, a rather unique perspective as Google, Apple and Microsoft all fight for the automotive industry's backing.

Zuckerberg claims the ambitions of Facebook are "pretty broad", but don't extend to things Apple is interested in like electric cars and solar power.

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Even though Facebook could save a lot of money by investing in solar power for its own data centers, it doesn't need to invest heavily like Apple and Google that have relevant companies involved in batteries and renewable power.

The automotive industry is looking into software integration, Google launched Android Auto and Apple launched CarPlay in 2014, both looking to make waves in the industry.

Google is also partnering with automotive companies on its self-driving platform, another area Facebook seems passive about. Facebook has launched a variety of APIs and software improvements on artificial intelligence that could be utilized inside the car but the social network is not looking into opportunities.

It's disappointing Facebook fails to see the promise of the automotive industry within the next 10 years as driving transitions from a human process to an autonomous experience where the user can interact with the internet while on a journey.

Facebook should be looking to implant itself on the car dashboard, allowing users to easily access WhatsApp and Instagram. But it may be playing it cool and waiting for the best platform to take hold of the market and then begin integrating.

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