Updated 11:29 AM EDT, Tue, Jun 16, 2020

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'Resident Evil Zero Remastered' To Hit Markets By 2016 On Xbox One, PS4 And PC

Good news game fanatics! "Resident Evil" franchise is all set to come up with a new version in early 2016 as the remastered version will be available for PC, Xbox One and PS4 initially.

According to a detailed report on Polygon, Capcom has confirmed the announcement of a revamped version of the popular "Resident Evil Zero" game that will set to be released in early 2016. At a grand event in Japan, the company shared the news with the external audience. The GameCube title of this version was released originally in 2002; however, post 2002 launch, it was introduced again for Wii in 2008 in Japan.

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Later on, the extremely popular game made its way to the North American markets in 2008 and was introduced under the "Resident Evil" franchise in this market. The "Resident Evil Zero" version is actually a prelude to the original version, which gives the players important characters such Rebecca Chambers and Billy Coen, the ex-soldier who joins the gang.

While retaining the originality, the "Resident Evil Zero" version of the game has also introduced some new features to ensure that the interest level of the avid gamers continues to grow. One such feature is the partner zapping system that gives a big advantage to the players as it will allow the gamers to conveniently switch characters during the play. Thanks to the switching, the players will now have a chance to improve their game and utilize the unique skills of each character in the best possible way.

In addition, International Business Times points out that the news was released as a video message by none other than game's director Koji Oda and producer Tsukasa Takenaka. In the video, viewers can also see the masterminds talk about the re-mastered version of "Resident Evil" that enjoyed massive commercial success by selling more than one million copies worldwide.

The later part of the video confirms that they plan to take up the re-mastering of the "Resident Evil Zero" title as their next mission. As part of the interview, the makers have also thanked the gaming fans for their support.

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