Updated 11:29 AM EDT, Tue, Jun 16, 2020

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UFO Sighting In Guangdong, China: Mysterious Flying Object Cloaks Itself To Look Like Cloud

UFO Sighting

(Photo : Getty Images/Pool) Another UFO sighting was spotted in China this week.

Is China being plagued by aliens? Just a day after Chinese monks spotted an unidentified flying object hovering Baita Temple, another UFO sighting was spotted, only this time the mysterious appearance was visible in China's Guangdong Province.

According to locals who spotted the rather peculiar object among the clouds, the UFO was clearly visible during sunset. UFO Sightings Daily even reports that sunset is the best time for UFO cloaks to become visible to the eyes of mankind because they are visible during this time.

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The site, known for aggregating alien sightings all over the world on a daily basis, even noted that one can easily spot aliens in the vast skies during sunset.

Interestingly, the one found atop the Guangdong province only made a quick appearance and swiftly cloaked itself to look like a cloud. However,  some people, who are always on the lookout for UFOs, managed to capture the alien spacecraft's brief appearance. (For official photos of the sighting, click here.)

It appears that China is being frequented by UFOs lately. Just yesterday, reports about Chinese monks' confusion over a UFO appearance in their temple made rounds on the internet. The incident was even caught on a surveillance footage of the Baita Temple.

Meanwhile, a similar incident to the latest UFO sighting in China was also noted in Texas on Monday.

Mirror reports that some Texans were stunned by the appearance of clouds that resemble the shape of a flying saucer. 

However, meteorologists were quick to slam speculations of a UFO attack, explaining that the unusual clouds belong to the group of lenticular clouds that typically take the form of a nuclear mushroom in the sky.

"When we have a low (pressure system) like that, with the upper atmosphere as cold as it was, and with all that hail and rain in the last four to five weeks, you get those strange cloud formations," said Mutual UFO Network volunteer chief investigator for Texas Fletcher Gray. "Those are common."

While the Texas UFO sighting was simply a false alarm, Metrocosm's massive data of UFO sightings all over the world aren't.

Metrocosm even mapped all the unexplained appearances in the U.S. since 1905. All in all, they have gathered 90,000 documented sightings, according to Vox.

Based on the map, Illinois is the UFO sightings hotspot in the United States, with six out of 10 unexplained appearances documented in the state.

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