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For export

China’s Z-19E Combat Helicopter Developed for Export Makes Maiden Flight

The Z-19E is a derivative of the Harbin Z-19 currently in service with the People's Liberation Army Air Force (PLAAF) and the People's Liberation Army Ground Force (PLAGF).


New ‘Mantiya’ Armor said to Make Russian T-14s MBTs Invisible to Infrared Anti-Tank Missiles

Mantiya provides protection against precision anti-tank guided missiles and close combat weapons such as man-portable anti-tank rockets.


US, Russia Arming their Icebreakers as War in the Arctic Looms

He noted the Russian coast guard has 40 icebreakers.

The nukes are here.

US Navy Needs to Expand Faster to Counter China, says its Chief

"We need to act urgently to achieve that greater naval power as quickly as we can."

Hello, China

US Congress Complains too Much Secrecy Cloaking B-21 Bomber Program

The air force has even refused to reveal how much the B-21 program costs.

China spies

China Boosting Spying Operations against Australia

"It is no secret that China is very active in intelligence activities directed against us."

More power

Australia Pushes Through with Major Warship Building Program amid China Tensions

The shipbuilding plan also calls for coordination between various levels of government.


US Navy will Deploy COBRA System that Hunts Down PLAN Submarines and Mines

COBRA will allow an LCS and its crew to detect mines and submarines in littoral waters.


SOCOM and US Marines to Receive New Medium Machine Gun Firing Accurate Sniper Rounds

The .338NM gives the LWMMG a huge increase in range.


US Air Force Allows Thin Pilots to Fly the F-35A Stealth Fighter

"Combined, these changes reduce the risk to lightweight pilots in both high- and low-speed ejections ... "


Indonesia's Kaplan MT Medium Tank Developed with Turkey to be Paraded in October

Kaplan MT features a high level of protection.


German Defense Minister Wants Bundeswehr to Rename Barracks Named After Wehrmacht World War II Heroes

Among these are the "kaserne" named after Wehrmacht officers that distinguished themselves in combat during World War II.


Trump Reveals to Russians Highly Classified Information Provided by Spy inside Islamic State

"I get great intel. I have people brief me on great intel every day," said the president.

Perfectly preserved

Fantastically Preserved Fossil of Extinct ‘Nodosaur’ Dinosaur Seems like it’s Sleeping

Researchers say the nodosaur fossil is remarkable.


Latest North Korean Missile Test Reveals Capability to Hit Guam

The missile launch was unanimously viewed as an insult to Chinese president Xi Jinping.

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