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New Photos of Russian T-50 PAK FA Stealth Fighter Show Odd Pixelated Camouflage

The fighter will sport the designator "Sukhoi Su-50" once it becomes operational with the Russian Aerospace Forces.

More is better

US Moves to Perfect Kill Vehicle that Destroys Multiple Nuclear Warheads

He said MOKV is intended to destroy multiple objects simultaneously.


Newest US Navy Aircraft Carrier Awaits Commissioning; Passes Last Sea Trial

Her keel was laid in 2009 under the administration of former U.S. president Barack Obama.

B-52 power

US Talks Peace but Prepares for a Catastrophic War in Korea

"Si vis pacem, par bellum."

Testing, testing.

Russia’s Sarmat ICBM Hit by New Delays; Deployment Date Uncertain

Russia places great faith in the Sarmat and has gone on a non-stop propaganda binge to convince the world no country on Earth, the U.S. included, has defenses that can shoot down this heavy ICBM in flight.

More coming

Russia Claims Avoiding Strategic Inferiority against NATO

Defense minister Gen. Sergei Shoigu said the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation has received a steady trickle of new weapons.

To Asia

US Deploys Third Aircraft Carrier and its Strike Group to Asia; War Looms

This powerful naval force sends what might be an unmistakable signal the U.S. is seriously considering a punitive strike to destroy North Korea's nuclear production facilities.


US Army Stocking-up on Long-range Missiles and Ammo to Fight Russia and China

The funds will also go to replenishing and modernizing industrial facilities.


US to Destroy ICBM with Kill Vehicle in Warning to North Korea

Kim will eventually succeed if "left unchecked."

Show me the money!

As Predicted, Cash Crunch Forces Russia to Postpone New Aircraft Carrier and Destroyer Construction

Shtorm was to have been Russia's first true nuclear aircraft carrier.


Asteroid Worth $10,000,000,000,000,000 is Target of NASA Mission

16 Psyche is a massive hunk of precious metals.

Ready for China

Taiwan ‘Defeats’ Massive PLA Amphibious Invasion in Major Military Exercise

The huge live-fire war games involved the major service branches of ROCAF.

Headed for the army?

US Army Chief Approves Plans to Field New 7.62 mm Rifle Ammo

"We have developed a pretty effective round down at Fort Benning," he said.


DARPA selects Boeing’s Team to Build its XS-1 Spaceplane

DARPA hopes Phantom Express will allow the Department of Defense to launch satellites into LEO with only a few days' notice.


Russia Planning Submarine with Huge ‘Wings’; Another is World’s Largest

The wing structures allow the winged submarine to image its surroundings in all directions.

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