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Arthur Dominic Villasanta


US Reassures South Korea of its Commitment to Fight North Korea

At the core of EUSA's fighting strength, however, are the 10,000 men belonging to the U.S. 2nd Infantry Division.

Target Raqqa

US Navy Carrier USS George H. W. Bush Launches Strikes against Raqqa from Mediterranean Sea

The Bush moved into the Eastern Mediterranean on June 5 and launched its first airstrikes involving Boeing F/A-18E/F Super Hornet the next day.


Here’s how the Brain Recognizes What the Eyes See

Our visual perception starts in the eye with light and dark pixels.

Poor man's weapons

Russia Using Poor Man’s ‘Dumb Bombs’ to Kill Syrian Civilians

Russia routinely uses banned cluster bombs in its indiscriminate bombing campaign.


Bolder and More Provocative: US Navy and Air Force Conduct First Joint Patrol of South China Sea

U.S. Navy patrols of the South China Sea are becoming increasingly bolder.

 6th gen

Science and Technology will Keep US Air Force the World’s Most Powerful

The air force also recognizes the need a new long-range penetrating fighter for missions in Asia and the Pacific.


China Recruiting More Astronauts

China will start building its first manned space station in 2019.


China’s Air Force again Recruiting Female Fighter Pilots

The last time the PLAAF recruited female pilots was in 2013.


Independence-class Littoral Combat Ships being Deployed to Singapore by US Navy

Of the 13 Independence-class LCSs, four are in service while seven more are fitting out or building.

Air power!

US Air Force Says it Can Do the Job with Just 165 Strategic Heavy Bombers

Gen. Wilson told U.S. Congressmen the B-21 is on schedule and on budget.

Preparing for war

US, NATO and European Allies Mass 25,000 Troops for Massive Military Exercise on Russia’s Doorstep

NATO describes Saber Guardian 17 as "deterrence in action."


Which War Can India Win? A Two-Front or a Two-and-a-Half Front War?

Gen. Rawat expressed his satisfaction at the Indian government's support for modernizing the Indian Army with new weapons and equipment.

Loooks great

New Mars Rover Revealed by NASA Looks Great but Won’t Get to Mars

This concept rover, which is some nine meters long, was recently rolled-out at NASA's Kennedy Space Center.


New AESA Radar Makes Old US F-16s Better than New Russian Su-35S in Dogfighting

"The APG-83 SABR system is in full rate production and available now for U.S. and international F-16 upgrades."


US Navy Speeds-Up Program to Build Large Unmanned Combat Submarines

This capability allows Echo Voyager to accomplish different types of combat missions.

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