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Arthur Dominic Villasanta

Fast and furious

US Boosts Spending on Anti-Hypersonic Missile Defenses

"What we can do is to develop our own hypersonic weapons and improve our defenses against theirs," he said.


China Again Claims it isn’t Militarizing South China Sea; Again Says it Owns Senkakus

China said the Senkakus and its adjacent islets have been part of China since ancient times.


US Wants More Money to Win a Space War against Russia and China

He said China and Russia have been "quietly watching" and preparing their own ASAT systems.

New power plant

China Claims ‘Rim-Driven Thrusters’ will Make its New Nuclear Attack Subs the Best

The main disadvantage of rim-driven thrusters, however, is their reduced efficiency.


China is Leading Source of Fake Scientific Papers Worldwide

Out of the total number of retractions, China accounted for 276.

Sleep better

New Wearable Patch Effectively Detects Sleep Apnea

The skin-adhesive diagnostic patch weighs less than one ounce.


China to US: South China Sea Issue is None of your Business

He further claims China has striven to develop and improve friendly and cooperative relations with other countries in the Asia-Pacific

Kill Vehicle

Details of US Ballistic Missile Intercept of May 30 Revealed

The success of FTG-15 raised to 10 out of 18 (55%) the success rate for the EKVs.


Destruction of ICBM Ensures US Domination of the World, says China

The current strategic balance among the contending world powers (the U.S. versus China and Russia) "is largely based on the capability of Mutually Assured Destruction."


Chinese, Russian Generals Claim Strong Military Ties becoming Stronger

Both armed forces have also seen deepening ties and higher level cooperation.


Two New Kalvari-class Hunter-Killer Submarines to Join Indian Navy this Year

All boats in the Kalvari-class are hunter killer submarines designed to destroy enemy submarines and warships.

Preparing for war

Fearful of 4,600 NATO Soldiers, Russia Promises Military Response

He also noted the U.S. increased defense spending in Europe by 40 percent in its 2018 budget.


US Threatens Action if China Militarizes More Islands in South China Sea

"We cannot and will not accept unilateral, coercive changes to the status quo."

Hitting a bullet with a bullet

US to Destroy One ICBM with Two EKVs in New Test Set for 2018

This test is "the next step in ever increasing operational realism."

Like a U-boat

China said to be Developing ‘Arsenal Warship’ Proposed by US Navy

The Chinese have put one twist in their concept for an arsenal ship, however.

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