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Arthur Dominic Villasanta


Successful Test Launch for India’s Prithvi-II Nuclear Missile

SFC has control over India's only two nuclear capable ballistic missile types: Agni and Prithvi.


US Navy Robot Aerial Drone Tanker a Secret Weapon in Fight against China

The MQ-25 robot tanker will extend the range of carrier strike jets.


US Navy Carrier USS Gerald R. Ford Ready for Battle by 2020

She will be the first -- and only carrier -- to be commissioned under the presidency of Donald Trump.

Raqqa bound

Battle for Raqqa, Islamic State Capital, to Begin Next Week

U.S. Army officials said yesterday that SDF forces have pushed to within three kilometers of Raqqa.


Breakthrough Initiatives Widens Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence

With this latest development, the observatories collaborating on SETI searches now spans four continents.

China, Pakistan in the crosshairs

Indian Air Force can ‘Win’ a Two-front War against China and Pakistan

Military victory in the traditional sense is out of the question in this calculus.

Small spy

Australian Army to Spend $100 million for Hand-launched Wasp AE drones

The Australian Army's WASP AE drones will be customized to meet its unique needs.


Stratolaunch, World's Largest Airplane, will Launch Rockets and Satellites into Space

The twin fuselages are connected to each other by its wings, which have a wingspan of 117 meters, the longest of any aircraft ever built.

Mischief Reef

Australia Must Conduct Own FONOPs of the South China Sea, says Former Defense Chief

He said the Law of Sea is "very clear" in that man-made features such as those built by China can't generate a 12 nautical mile claim to waters around them.

More power

Indian Navy Ready to Face Either China or Pakistan, says its Commander

He also noted the navy is increasing its presence worldwide.

LCAA precursor

Expendable US Combat Drones set to Dominate Future Air Combat

Equally important, the air force can afford to lose hundreds of the disposable LCAAs.


US Coast Guard to Build New Missile Ships to Counter Russia

The battle for dominance in the now more accessible Arctic Circle is leading to an "Arctic Arms Race."


US Replacing MOAB with Smaller but more Destructive Bomb

Much of the massive 10,000 kg weight of MOAB is accounted for by the bomb casing.


US EKV Destroys ICBM Target in Pre-programmed Test; Sends Warning to North Korea

U.S. anxiety over the outcome of the test is understandable because the EKV has a less than sterling success record.


China Will Build ‘Underwater Great Wall’ to Cement Control over South China Sea

Chinese state-controlled television confirmed China's participation had a military aspect.

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