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Robert Lighthizer Warns Trade War against China.

Trump’s Representative Vows Tough Action Against China’s Trade Policies

President Donald Trump's pick as U.S. trade negotiator, Robert Lighthizer, has vowed to go tough on China's alleged unfair trade practices as calls to launch a trade war against the world's second largest economy intensifies within the Republican administration.

German Home Town accepts Karl Marx Statute from China.

German Home Town Accepts Karl Marx Statute from China Amid Protests

The German home town of Karl Marx has officially agreed to accept the statute of the famous socialist thinker from China amid widespread public protests.

Anbang Insurance denies Investment in Manhattan Building.

Anbang Insurance Denies Investment in Manhattan Building Owned by Trump’s Son-in-Law

China's insurance giant Anbang Insurance Group has flatly dismissed the reports that it is investing in a flagship Manhattan tower owned by the family of Jared Kushner, the son in law of US President Donald Trump.

Japan’s Largest Warship Carrier to Conduct Exercise in South China Sea.

Japan’s Largest Warship Carrier Will Conduct Exercise in South China Sea: Report

Japan plans to send its largest warship carrier for a long naval exercise tour that will see it travel across several important Asian regions including the disputed South China Sea region. The three-month-long tour that is set to begin in May is being touted as Tokyo's biggest show of naval strength in the region since World War II.

Philippines Stakes Claim over Benham Rise.

Philippines Cautiously Stakes Claim Over Benham Rise

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has given a cautious warning to China over his country's undisputed ownership on Benham Rise amid reports that several Chinese survey ships were spotted in the undersea region last year.

Boeing and Ford Expansion in China.

Boeing and Ford set to Expand their Production in China

The U.S. multinational giants Boeing and Ford are surging ahead in China with their ambitious expansion plans, shrugging off the ongoing economic slowdown.

China to Deploy more Marine Crops at Pakistan’s Gwadar Port.

China to Deploy More Marine Corps to Pakistan’s Gwadar Port: Report

China is set to increase the number of its marine corps at oversees ports in a bid to protect its strategic assets in foreign locations. The decision comes amid reports that the Chinese government is pushing very hard to strengthen its naval force.

Google Staging a Comeback in China.

Search Engine Giant Google Inching Towards Comeback in China?

American search giant Google is in serious talks with China to make a comeback in the lucrative Chinese market, after the strict censorship issues forced the search engine company to shut its business operation in Mainland China.

Hong Kong Chief Executive Appointed Vice Chairman of China's Top Political Body.

Hong Kong Chief Executive Appointed Vice Chairman of China’s top Political Advisory Body

The Chief Executive of the autonomous city Hong Kong, Leung chun-ying, was appointed as the vice president of China's top political advisory body on Monday. His selection process was completed at the last day of the annual Chinese parliament session.

A Vehicle Crashes onto Roof in China.

A Rampaging SUV Crashes onto Roof of the House in Eastern China

A black SUV car ended up being stuck on the roof of a house in eastern Chinese town of Taizhou on Sunday in what appeared to be a freak accident.

China Developing ‘Laser Weapon Technology’ for Space War.

China Developing ‘Laser Weapon Technology’ to Target Enemy Satellites: Report

According to Chinese military expert Richard Fisher, China is in the middle of developing space-based laser weapon system that will be specifically used to target enemy satellites.

China Two Child Policy.

China’s two Child Policy Gives Rise to Child Boom, Senior Health Official Claims

China's two child policy ushered a baby boom in China in 2016, giving a much needed hope to the world's most populous nation that it may able to resolve the aging population problem.

Xi Urges Ethnic Unity in Xinjiang Region.

Xi Advocates Ethnic Unity in Xinjiang Region to Defeat Terror

Chinese President Xi Jinping has urged the people of Xinjiang region to foster ethnic unity to erect a "great wall of iron" that could help to stamp out insurgency activities in the country's only Muslim-dominated province.

China and U.S. Trade War.

U.S. Exporters Will Suffer More if Trade War Breaks out, China Warns

Any possibility of a trade war between China and the U.S. would cause enormous pain for both the economies, China's Commerce Minister Zhong Shan warned on Saturday as the reports of President Donald Trump's administration working on anti-trade policies against China continues to gather steam.

China Rejects Philippines Defence Chief’s Allegations.

China Rejects Philippines Defense Chief’s Allegations of Ship Intrusion Activities

China on Friday categorically rejected Philippine Defense Minister's allegations that Chinese vessels recently intruded in its territory of the disputed South China Sea region and also Benham Rise.

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