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Australia fails to Ratify China Extradition Treaty.

Australia Fails to Ratify China Extradition Treaty in Parliament

Australian government was forced to withdraw the proposed extradition treaty with China on Tuesday, after members of opposition party and also few members of the government decided to unanimously oppose the treaty.

Malaysia’s Real Estate Market.

China Eclipses Singapore to Become Biggest Investor in Malaysia’s Real Estate Market

China has overtaken Singapore to emerge as the biggest investor in Malaysia's real estate market, according to data prepared by a leading research company. This suggests that Chinese investors are getting wary about the soaring real estate prices in the domestic market and are hunting for cheap bargains abroad.

Li Keqiang's tour of New Zealand.

China and New Zealand set to begin FTA Upgrade Talks Next Month

China and New Zealand will start negotiation over upgrading the existing free trade agreement (FTA) in next month, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang and his counterpart Bill English announced in a joint press conference on Monday.

Hyundai Temporarily Shuts Plant in China.

Hyundai Temporarily Shuts Plant in China Amid THAAD Tension: Report

Hyundai Motor has temporarily decided to suspend production at a Chinese plant starting from next week, South Korean online news website ChosunBiz reported on Sunday, in what appears to be the latest fallout of the ongoing THAAD fiasco.

Saudi Arabia To Get First Chinese Drone Factory.

A Chinese Military Drone Factory will Soon Come up in Saudi Arabia: Report

Saudi Arabia will get a first Chinese drone factory, after two countries signed an agreement to this effect during Saudi monarch's visit to China earlier this month.

Carrie Lam is Elected as new Leader of Hong Kong.

Former Civil Servant Carrie Lam is Elected as new Leader of Hong Kong

Carrie Lam, a 59-year-old civil servant, was elected as Hong Kong's next chief executive on Sunday, after receiving an overwhelming number of votes from 12,000 strong committee members. Lam is the first woman to be elected to the highest executive post in the semi-autonomous city.

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang Arrives in New Zealand.

China’s Premier Li Keqiang Arrives in New Zealand for Trade Talks

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang Arrived in New Zealand on Sunday for a two-day visit that will mainly focus on strengthening trade ties between the two countries. Li is the first high profile Chinese leader to arrive in New Zealand after the former Prime Minister John Key visited the Asian country last year.

Apple Scores big Victory in Copy Infringement Case.

Apple Scores big Victory in Copyright Infringement Case in China

Apple on Saturday scored a judicial victory that could potentially turn into a watershed moment for company's copyright infringement battle in the Chinese smartphone market. A regional patent tribunal in Beijing has overturned last year's ruling that accused Apple of stealing the iPhone 6's design from a local Chinese phone manufacturer Shenzhen Baili, resulting in a subsequent ban on the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus in the country.

Brazilian Meat Crisis.

China Revokes Import ban on Brazilian Meat: Brazil’s Agricultural Minister

China on Saturday lifted a ban on the import of Brazilin meat after receiving full assurance over the quality of meat, Brazil's agriculture minister said. The reprieve will come as a big relief for the meat industry in the Latin American country which annually exports meat worth billions of dollar to China.

Baidu To Open Second R&D Facility.

Baidu to Expand Footprint in Silcon Valley With Second R&D Facility

Baidu has once again made it clear that Artificial intelligence (AI) is among its top business priorities. China's Google clone announced on Friday that it would set up its second research and development (R&D) facility in the Silicon Valley to help the company get an edge in the AI sector.

Kong: Skull Island Collection in China.

Kong: Skull Island Makes Roaring Debut at Chinese Box Office

Kong: Skull Island has made a roaring debut at the Chinese box office with a $22.5 million opening day haul on Friday, which is inclusive of Thursday midnight screenings. The movie's grand opening means that Chinese audience have given a huge thumbs up to yet another big Hollywood release, following the success of Resident Evil: The Final Chapter and xXx: Return of Xander Cage.

NHL Gearing up for Debut in China.

NHL is Heading to China this Year with two Pre-Season Games

Chinese people will finally get to watch a NHL or National Hockey League in their home country as the famous ice hockey league is gearing up for debut in China later this year.

Bao Bao Panda Makes First Public Appearance.

Bao Bao Steps out to Make First Public Appearance in China

Bao Bao Panda made her first public appearance on Friday after completing the month long quarantine period at Dujiangyan base. Several American and Chinese diplomats along with reporters and guests were present to witness her

South China Sea Dispute.

U.S. Inactions Responsible for Current Mess in South China Sea: Philippine President

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte on Thursday squarely blamed the inactions of the past U.S. administration for the current crisis in the disputed South China Sea region. The firebrand president claimed that if U.S. had acted diligently, China would not have dared to build so many artificial islands in the contagious maritime territory.

Chinese Troops Participate in Pakistan Day.

Chinese Solider Participate in Pakistan’s Military Parade for the First Time

Chinese soldiers for the first time participated in the Pakistani military parade on the important occasion of Pakistan Day on Thursday. This once again marks the Asian giant's robust military ties with Islamabad, its closest ally in the South Asian region.

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