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Australian Beef Exporters.

China Widens Market Access for Australian Beef Exporters

Australian beef exporters have become the first big beneficiary of Chinese Premier Li Keqiang's ongoing trade visit to the trans-pacific country. The Chinese premier has signed an agreement with his counterpart Malcolm Turnbull that will allow more Australian beef manufacturers to exports their products to China.

China Stakes Claim Over Tawang.

Tawang is an Integral part of China, says a Influential Tibetan Scholar

China on Thursday once again staked claim over Tawang region located in the disputed Indian state of Arunachal Pradesh region and also issued a fresh warning to New Delhi that the Dalai Lama's forthcoming visit to Tawang may adversely affect the Indo - Sino bilateral relationship.

Li Keqiang's Visit to Australia.

Chinese Premier Openly Advices Australia ‘not to Pick Sides’

Beijing on Thursday spared Australia the trouble of picking between its mail political ally U.S. and largest trading partner China, after Chinese Premier Li Keqiang said that it respected Canberra's foreign policy choices.

China Southern Airlines Stake Sale Out.

American Airlines may become a Stakeholder in China Southern Airlines: Report

The state-owned China Southern Airlines is currently pursuing a sale with the American Airlines (AA), with talks reportedly having reached to the advanced stage. If the talks are successful, it would bring together two of the biggest airlines in the world.

U.S. B1 Bomber Files Over East China Sea.

Beijing Issues Warning as U.S. B1 Bomber Flies Over East China Sea: Report

China on Wednesday took a critical note of a U.S. B1 Bomber flying through the disputed East China Sea, according to reports. The Chinese army resorted to emergency radio frequency called "guard" to send a warning message to U.S. air crew.

China Denies Scarborough Shoal Build Up.

China Disowns Reports of building Monitoring Station on Scarborough Shoal

China on Wednesday said that it is not building an environmental monitoring station on Scarborough Shoal in contrary to an article published last week in a local Chinese news paper.

Chinese Media Again Warns India.

‘Mind your own Business’ Chinese Media Warns India Over Ties with Nepal and Sri Lanka

China's state owned tabloid The Global Times has warned India of 'retaliatory actions' if it continues to undermine Beijing's growing ties with Nepal and Sri Lanka. The warning has come amid China's defence minister's ongoing visit to Sri Lanka and Nepal.

Airbnb Takes Big Gamble on China.

Airbnb’s Moment of big Leap of Faith in China

Airbnb has finally made its mind to go for the one big crack in the Chinese market, which will probably make or break its destiny in the world's largest tourism market.

China Launches Customized Windows 10 for China.

Microsoft set to Unveil new Customized Windows 10 for Chinese Market

America's software giant Microsoft has announced that it is ready with its new customized Windows 10 version to quell down all the security concerns of Chinese authorities.

Chinese Media Slams India over OBOR Project.

See China Rise with OBOR Project or be Left out: Chinese Media Warns India

China's media slammed the Indian media for taking critical note of United Nation Security Council's open support to China's OBOR's (One Belt, One Road) project. It warned that New Delhi will have to contend itself by watching China's international reputation grow further if it chooses to stay out of the flagship project.

Israel PM Netanyahu Arrives in China.

After Saudi Monarch, Israel PM Netanyahu Arrives in China

Barely days after Saudi monarch completed his maiden visit to China, Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu arrived in Beijing on Monday. Netanyahu was welcomed at the historic Great Hall of the People by Chinese Premier Li Keqiang

IBM's Enters China's Cloud Business Market.

IBM Join Hands with Wanda Group to Enter China’s Cloud Market

IBM has officially entered into China's lucrative cloud technology market through a joint venture with Wanda Internet Technology, a sister company of the Chinese conglomerate Dalian Wanda.

Chinese Activities on Scarborough Shoal.

Philippines not Powerful Enough to Stop Chinese Activities on Scarborough Shoal: Duterte

Philippine is too weak to stop China from constructing structures on the Scarborough Shoal, the Filipino President Rodrigo Duterte said on Sunday. Duterte's blunt message comes amid increasing pressure on his government to stop China's fresh construction activities on Scarborough Shoal.

South Korea Lodges WTO Complaint against China.

South Korea Lodges WTO Complaint Against China’s Controversial Trade Practices

South Korea has lodged compliant in the World Trade Organization (WTO) over China's alleged unfair trade practices in the wake of THAAD missile fiasco. This was confirmed by the country's trade minister Joo Hyung-Hwan on Monday.

UN support to China’s One Belt, One Road Project.

UN's Support for China’s One Belt, One Road Project may Annoy India

China's ambitious One Belt, One Road project got a rare backing from United Nations (UN) on Friday. The massive intercontinental project that seeks to revive the traditional maritime route was mentioned in a paragraph in the UN resolution that was adopted unanimously by all member nations.

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