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Fireworks Bans In China

Shanghai Bans Fireworks to Curb Air Pollution

Shanghai's city legislators have approved a proposed ban on fireworks within the Outer Ring Road to curb air pollution in the city. Shanghai authorities previously announced a number of measures designed to combat the city's air pollution, which will come into effect next year.

Philippines Joins China-led

Philippines to Join China-Led Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank

The Philippines on Wednesday announced that it would join the China-led Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) before the year-end deadline for founding members.

China And Taiwan Inaugurate Hotline Between Sides

Chinese And Taiwanese Cabinet Officials Open New Communication Line

Another positive step in a continuously improving relations between China and Taiwan. Chinese State media has reported that Chinese and Taiwanese Cabinet officials have spoken for the very first time with the introduction of a new hotline created to establish trust between the two countries.

shale gas project

China's Largest Shale Gas Project to Begin Operation in 2016

The latest and largest shale gas project in the Sichuan Basin of southwest China is aiming for full operations in 2016 with a yearly production target of 5 billion cubic meters, according to Sinopec Group (China Petrochemical Corporation). The project aims to boost energy sources for the country amid higher global prices and demand for oil.

billions in public funds

China Recovered Billions of Stolen Public Funds in 2015

The Chinese government has recovered more than 380 billion yuan ($58.6 billion) of stolen public money in just the first 11 months of 2015. The effort is aligned with the government's initiative to wipe out corruption in public spending.

More Safety For Chinese Abroad

China Commits to Better Protection for Chinese Citizens Abroad

President Xi Jinping extended his sympathy to the bereaved families of four Chinese citizens who were victimized by terrorists, and vowed to strengthen Chinese citizens' safety and security abroad.

ice kingdom

Ice Kingdom Opens in China on January 1

For a limited time, the Nutcracker theme park will be open at Shanghai Expo site on the first day of January up to March 6, 2016. The highly-anticipated attraction will offer a unique fairytale ice kingdom for children and adults in the snow without the need to go farther north.


Chinese Drug Kingpin Arrested, Major Drug Operations Busted

The kingpin of a drug syndicate known only as "the professor" has been arrested along with 23 other drug producers during a raid by the police in Wenzhou, Zhejiang province. The operation also led to the identification of a number of suspected drugs users from several Chinese universities.


Committee Trashes Legal Ban on Surrogacy

Lawmakers prevented the inclusion of a proposed legal ban on surrogate mothers after they have raised their objections over its effectiveness. Before the draft was approved, National People's Congress' Standing Committee trashed the said ban.

Truck Driver Can't Afford Repairs

Man Arrested Driving Truck Covered with Plastic in Hubei

A Chinese truck driver was caught driving on a highway with his vehicle almost completely covered with a plastic sheet.

Smooth Case Filing In China

China Improves Case Filing Procedures for Every Citizen

In a bid to improve work efficiency and make case filing procedures for the public easier, Chinese authorities are set to remove certain unnecessary evaluation criteria for filings cases.


Disagreement Over Definition of 'Domestic Violence' and 'Family Members' Caused Delay in Passing of Domestic Violence Law

A new law against domestic violence in China was approved on Sunday after seven long days of deliberations by the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress. Now, it has been revealed that the cause of the delay was reportedly questions over the correct definition on what constitutes a "family member" and "domestic violence."

China Launches HD Earth Observation Satellite

China Launches World's Most Sophisticated Observation Satellite

China closed the year 2015 by launching Gaofen-4, the most sophisticated observation satellite on Tuesday, as part of the country's high-definition (HD) planet observation project. The Gaofen-1, the pioneering satellite of the project, was launched in 2013.

Second-Hand Smoking

Second-Hand Smoking Rate Drops in China

A domestic smoking report has revealed that second-hand smoke exposure has fallen significantly in China over the past five years, even if there was a growth of 15 million smokers.


Remote-Sensing Satellites Made in China Set to go Global

China is planning to work with foreign space agencies and international organizations to set up a remote-sensing satellite network with global coverage by establishing more ground stations overseas. The satellites used for the project will be made in China.

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