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The AT&T logo is seen on the side of a service van in Des Plaines, Illinois.

AT&T Starts 5G Technology Tests in Austin, Texas

In a race towards 5G network adoption, reports claim that AT&T have started testing the next generation data transfer technology. In a statement posted on the company’s official blog post, AT&T said that it will start testing 5G technologies in the real world through its partnership with Ericsson and Intel. The company added that the tests will take place in one of the company’s offices in Austin, Texas.

DirecTV Now

AT&T to Launch DirecTV Now on November 30

Two years after acquiring satellite service provider DirecTV, AT&T is bringing its services to the web. The new DirecTV Now streaming service will be officially rolled out on Nov. 30.

The AT&T logo is seen on the side of a service van in Des Plaines, Illinois.

AT&T Plans to Throttle Mobile Video Quality Starting Next Year

Network provider AT&T has announced that it will impose a new mobile video quality limit for cellular data users starting early 2017. AT&T calls this new feature "Stream Saver," and it will throttle mobile videos to a lower 480p quality.

The AT&T logo is seen on the side of a service van in Des Plaines, Illinois.

AT&T Announces 11 New Metro Areas That Will Soon Receive Gigabit Internet

American telecommunications giant AT&T has announced the next 11 metro areas where the company plans to install its gigabit Internet service called AT&T Fiber.

T-Mobile website no longer lists the HTC 10 at all in searches.

T-Mobile Drops HTC 10 Two Months After Launch

T-Mobile has stopped selling the HTC 10 smartphone two months after the device went on sale.

Newest Innovations In Consumer Technology On Display At 2015 International CES

Verizon, Qualcomm Look at China for Global 5G Standards: Report

While tech giants Verizon Communications and chipmaker Qualcomm have been pushing to introduce 5G wireless technology as early as next year, they are looking at China for global-standard processes, a Bernstein Research report revealed. According to the research, China plays a significant role in 5G standards. Unlike AT&T and Verizon, the country has concentrated less on residential broadband. Chinese smartphone maker Huawei plans to become an exporter of 5G technology. "China has a strong vested interest in insuring a significant amount of Chinese technology is embedded in the 5G standard - finally freeing them of their dependency on foreign technology and the need to pay royalties," the Bernstein Report revealed. "Their vision of 5G is the most revolutionary; China Mobile's chief scientists of wireless technology is calling to 'rethink the fundamentals' of mobile technology." On Monday, Verizon claimed its 5G radio specifications have been finalized and its plans to kick off 5G commercially next year, although plans are still vague. Qualcomm, on the other hand, has started introducing 5G technology to a slate of applications. 5G is known not only going to increase wireless speeds but also boost the Internet of Things, where applications require always-on, low-data-rate connections. "5G standardization will happen in a more concentrated industry than 3G or 4G," the research said, adding that the main network contributors would be Ericsson, Nokia, and Huawei, while Qualcomm will continue to become the chip leader. Furthermore, there will be a restricted list of leaders, namely, China Mobile, Japan's NTT DoCoMo, AT&T, and Verizon as well as Vodafone and Deutsche Telecom.

Alcatel OneTouch Idol 3 Price Drops From $170 to $150 on Amazon

Alcatel OneTouch Idol 3 Price Drops From $170 to $150 on Amazon

Chinese tech giant Alcatel has dropped the price of the Alcatel OneTouch Idol 3 smartphone on Amazon from $170 to $150. This price cut comes just two months after Amazon made a $30-cut off the smartphone's original price tag of $200. It is also a month before the first birthday of the OneTouch Idol 3. The device was launched in August 2015.

OnePlus 3

OnePlus 3 Supports AT&T, T-Mobile Networks in the U.S.

Chinese tech company OnePlus recently announced that it is releasing its new flagship device, the OnePlus 3, completely unlocked in the United States. OnePlus had been using this strategy in its past releases. The company said that it will release two models the OnePlus 3 - one will be released in North America, while the other is slated for release in Asia and Europe.

AT&T two simplified smartphone financing plans will begin on June 9.

AT&T Simplifies Phone Installment Plans

AT&T will make significant changes to its smartphone purchasing plan, offering a simpler but upgraded experience.

ZTE Grand X3 Smartphone Officially Arrived in Cricket Wireless for $129.99

ZTE Launches Grand X Max 2 Smartphone in the U.S.; Available via Cricket Wireless

Chinese company ZTE has officially launched the affordable Grand X Max 2 smartphone in the United States market for a price tag of only $199.99 via AT&T's Cricket Wireless.

AT&T's Cricket Wireless unlimited plan of $65 includes all applicable taxes and fees.

AT&T Acquires Quickplay Media to Boost TV Everywhere Services

Earlier this year, wireless network provider AT&T announced three new DirecTV streaming options. These are DirecTV Mobile, DirecTV Now, and DirecTV Preview. These streaming services are aimed to rival the Internet TV plans offered by competitors. Now, AT&T is upgrading its streaming services through the acquisition of Quickplay Media, a company that delivers over-the-top and TV Everywhere streaming services.

AT&T's Cricket Wireless unlimited plan of $65 includes all applicable taxes and fees.

AT&T's Cricket Wireless to Offer Unlimited Plan for $65 Monthly

AT&T's subsidiary company Cricket Wireless has announced its offering of unlimited data, text, and voice plan for $70 per month.

AT&T new data caps and the option for unlimited data will start is effectively on May 23.

AT&T Announces Additional Data Caps for Home Broadband Plans

AT&T has announced that it will boost its data caps on its home Internet plans, adding a new option for anyone that uses data caps by hundreds of gigs of data.

Netflix said they are slowing down video speeds to save the data cap for AT&T and Verizon users.

Netflix Admits to Slowing Down Videos Speeds for AT&T and Verizon Networks

Netflix has admitted that it has been throttling its video stream service for AT&T and Verizon users for more than five years now.

BlackBerry Priv QWERTY Android Smartphone is now Available in Verizon Online and Retail Stores

BlackBerry Priv QWERTY Android Smartphone Now Available on Verizon Online

US-based company Blackberry has announced that its latest android device called the Priv QWERTY is now available at Verizon online and selected retail stores.

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