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ISIS nemesis

US Approves $295.6 Million Weapons Sale to Kurdish Peshmerga

The Peshmerga have been described as "the West's toughest and most reliable bulwark against ISIS in Iraq."

China tells US this time to stop spying and hacking.

China Tells US to Stop Hacking and Stealing Secrets; What We Know so far

China on Thursday asked the US government to stop spying and hacking other countries, after WikiLeaks data alleged that the CIA can hack all manners of devices, including China-made ones.

Donald Trump and President Obama

Claims of Russia Interference in US Presidential Elections are Ridiculous, Says Donald Trump

"Ridiculous!" That is Donald Trump's response to the CIA's conclusion that Russia interfered in the United States presidential elections to boost his chances of winning.

Donald Trump

Trump Has No Time for Intelligence Briefs

US President-elect Donald Trump has reportedly received only two classified intelligence briefings since he was elected


CIA to Punish Russia with Destructive Cyber Counterattack for Hacks

The U.S. formally blamed the Russian government for cyber-attacks on the DNC and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee

Hunting for Houthis

US Aerial Drones from Djibouti Hunting Houthi Missile Battery that Attacked USS Mason

"It's no secret that Iran has been actively supplying them and giving them the tools of war," said Capt. Davis.

Reverse engineered

Iran Reveals New UAV with Bombs Based on Captured US Drone

The version lost over Iran was operated by the CIA.

Former Russian Policeman Convicted Of Spying For CIA

Former Russian Policeman Convicted Due To Spying For CIA

Evgeny Chistov, a former Russian policeman, was convicted yesterday due to high treason of spying for the CIA, according to an official statement by the FSB, Russia's Federal Security Service.

Charges Recommended

Petraeus’ Leak Of Classified Info To Mistress Gets Former CIA Director In Trouble

Following his admission that he leaked classified information to his mistress, Paula Broadwell, former CIA Director David Petraeus was fined $100,000 on Thursday by the court.


CIA Tried to Hack iOS Devices For Years

The CIA routinely checks Apple updates for public vulnerabilities.

Earth from space

U.S. Scientist Claims CIA Wants to Weaponize the Weather

He also revealed the U.S. government had a notorious history for using weather as a weapon.

Charges Recommended

FBI Seeks Felony Charges Against David Petraeus

The U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation and Justice Department sought to charge former CIA Director, David Petraeus, with felony for letting an author, whom he had an affair with, gain access to classified information.

Cheney Defiant on CIA Report

Cheney has no regrets: 'I would do it again in a minute'

Vice President Dick Cheney stuck to his guns in defending the CIA's interrogation techniques on detainees following the 9/11 terrorist attacks on Sunday, saying, "I would do it again in a minute."

Sen. Diane Feinstein

Sen. Diane Feinstein: Rectal Hydration Is Not a Medical Procedure, It’s Torture

Sen. Diane Feinstein, chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee, pointed on Friday to a statement issued on Wednesday by the Physicians for Human Rights to debunk the claim by ex-CIA Director Michael Hayden that rectal hydration done on 9/11 suspects was a medical procedure and not a form of torture.

Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)

CIA Torture Techniques Were Abhorrent, Director John Brennan Admits

Central Intelligence Agencey (CIA) Director John Brennan defended the agency on Thursday amid strong criticism it received after the Senate issued its report on the agency's use of torture during the George W. Bush years.

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