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Microsoft, Google and Yahoo are all investigating the leaked data and talking with Hold Security.

Russian Hacker Steals Millions of Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo Usernames and Passwords

Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo Mail users have become a victim of another hack by Russia's criminal underworld, exposing their usernames and passwords to other people online.

Google has expanded an alert system that sends notification to Gmail users before clicking on suspicious links.

Google Increases Security Features for Gmail Users

Google once again is tightening its security protocol to protect its Gmail users.

Inbox by Gmail App

Google Inbox Rolls out Snooze Option Popularized by Mailbox

Tech giant Google has released a new feature that allows users to deal with their emails at a latter date. The aptly named Snooze feature allows Google Inbox users to set an exact date and time when they want their emails to resurface.

Yahoo Adds Gmail and Google Apps Account to Yahoo Mail

Yahoo Adds Gmail and Google Apps Account to Yahoo Mail

Yahoo has added the ability to connect Gmail and Google Apps account to Yahoo Mail.

Gmail users will now be able to get rid of unwanted mails thru block and unsubscribe buttons.

Gmail For Android Can Now Block And Unsubscribe Unwanted Mails

The high-technology giant Google has announced their new Gmail services block and unsubscribe buttons on Tuesday.

Gmail users will now be able to get rid of unwanted mails thru block and unsubscribe buttons.

Google News: Gmail Undo Send Feature Finally Makes A Head Start After Six Years In The Lab!

Users will now be able to undo the messages that they have sent with the Gmail undo feature finally being available to users across the globe.

Flow App for iPhone

Microsoft Confidential Development Of Chat/email App Flow; Debut On iPhone Leaked

Reports are coming out that Microsoft plans to launch a lightweight chat app companion to the Outlook email.

Google Updates Gmail App For Android, Adding An Array Of Impressive New Features!

Gmail app users on Android smartphones will see a few enhancements to the Gmail app over the next few days.


Google Launches Gmail Unified Inbox on Android

It's one of the first big updates to Gmail for Android since the launch of Inbox.


Google Inbox Hits Tablets After Delayed Rollout

It looks like the search giant is trying to consolidate its email services.

Tony Abbott

Gmail, Skype And Facebook Excluded from Australia's Data Retention Scheme

Australia has announced a new update to its data retention service.

WikiLeaks Claims Another Employee's Gmail Seized By U.S. Government

Google alerted WikiLeaks on December 24 to another served warrant on employee Gmail data.


Gmail Blocked In China

In a further crackdown of Western services, Gmail has been blocked by the Chinese government.

How to Encrypt Messages on Any Website - Even Facebook, Twitter, Gmail

ShadowCrypt is a new browser extension that allows users to exchange encrypted messages on any website, rendering once insecure sites like Facebook, Twitter and Gmail safe from prying eyes.

Tech Companies Are Reinventing Their Core Apps

Facebook, Microsoft and Google's Gmail have all shown their main app is redundant, by revealing new mobile-first apps that create simple experiences.

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