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Chinese Ballistic Missiles Immune from Interception by latest SM-3 US Missile, claims Chinese ‘Pundit'

The recent test off Hawaii of the Block IIA interceptor last Feb. 4 proves to China that its ballistic missiles are vulnerable to U.S. countermeasures.

Chinese Warships Sails near Senkaku Islands.

Chinese Warships Sails Near Contested Islands in East China Sea; Japan Lodges Protest

In an apparent response to Japan and the U.S., China sailed three warships through Senkaku Islands in the disputed East China Sea on Monday. The highly proactive action comes barely two days after U.S. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis vowed to protect the contested island during his maiden visit to Japan.

Japanese national flags are hung up at the Tiananmen Square on December 27, 2007 in Beijing, China.

Japan Refuses to Comment on Alleged Paid Anti-China Propaganda

Japan's embassy refused to give any comment after British media reports alleged that the country hired British think tank Henry Jackson Society (HJS) to spread anti-propaganda news about China.


China says US should Shut-up and Acquiesce to its Demand it owns Japan’s Senkaku Islands

China demanded the U.S. avoid discussion of the issue.

US Remains Top Military Threat to China

US Remains the Top Military Threat to China

The United States remains the No.1 military threat to China followed by North Korea, according to a report released by China's armed forces, the People's Liberation Army (PLA).

Japan Waging Propaganda War Against China.

British Think Tank Receiving Funds fFrom Japan to Wage Propaganda war Against China

An influential British think tank is receiving substantial fund from the Japanese government on a monthly basis to play up the "China threat" among high-profile British politicians, according to reports in local British media.


F-35 Stealth Fighter will Revive Japanese Militarism, Alleges China Armed Forces Website

JSDF's strategic focus will now move from the north, where it once guarded against threats from Russia, to the southwest where it stands ready to confront China,

Nanjing Massacre Controversy.

China Calls for Mass Boycott of Japan’s APA Hotel Over ‘Nanjing Massacre’

China has ordered all its tour agencies as well as tourists to boycott a prominent Japanese hotel, after it refused to remove a controversial book from its guest room that claims 'Nanjing Massacre' was a complete fabrication.

No love for China

Japan and US Holding War Games to Deal with Chinese Invasion of Taiwan

In August 2016, the Republic of China Armed Forces (ROCAF) held its largest military exercise ever.

It sold $66 billion worth of US debt in November, taking its holdings to the lowest level since 2010.

China’s US Treasury Holding Declines for Sixth Month; Hits Lowest Level Since 2010

China continues to cut its US treasury holdings for the straight sixth month. It sold $66 billion worth of US debt in November, taking its holdings to the lowest level since 2010. China is currently taking steps to boost up its local currency.

The book was apparently written by APA Hotel Group's Chief Executive Officer Toshio Motoya under his pen name Seiji Fuji.

Outcry in China Over Japanese Hotel Book Denial of Nanjing Massacre

One of Japan's biggest hotel chains APA Hotel Group has sparked a controversy in China following a report that one of its local hotels is storing a book that claims the 1937 Nanjing massacre was a complete "fabrication."

Stealth jet

US Marines F-35B Stealth Fighters in Japan Prepare for Joint Aerial War Games in Asia

"The arrival of the F-35B embodies our commitment to the defense of Japan and the regional security of the Pacific."

Japan to offer Coastguard Patrol Vessels to Vietnam.

Japan Offers 6 Coastguard Vessels to Vietnam to Boost South China Sea Security

Japan will provide six new patrol boats to Vietnam to enhance its maritime security as China continues to boost its control over the South China Sea region. The important announcement was made on Monday during Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's visit to the Southeast Asian country.

New era

Game Changing Japanese Mini-rocket Fails First Launch; Promise of Cheaper Flights Remains

The cost of building the rocket, including the launch cost, came to a mere $4.35 million.

Abe and Turnbull

Japan, Australia Agree to Strengthen Cooperation

Japan and Australia have agreed to strengthen their military ties in a bid to ensure regional stability and strong trade links.

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