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US Sends Stealth Jet Fighters to Japan

The F-35 Joint Strike Fighter is headed to Japan to be "the cornerstone" of US defense in the Pacific.

President Xi Jinping

China Rewrites History Books, Extends Second Sino-Japanese War by 6 Years

In a move that is likely to worsen its relations with Japan, China's communist government has ordered that all the country's history books be rewritten to extend the second Sino-Japanese war by six years.

Like a chopper

China’s Air Patrols now have to Contend with US Marines F-35B Squadron based in Japan

The deployment of VMFA-121 to Japan is part of Washington's rebalancing strategy to increase the U.S. Navy's presence in the Pacific.

More to come

China says Japan and South Korea can Expect Larger Military Air Patrols Close to their Airspace

PLAAF confirmed a formation of six of its H-6s flew in international airspace perilously close to the air defense zones of both Japan and South Korea.

Emperor Akihito

Japan's Emperor Akihito Could Abdicate at End of 2018

Japan's Emperor Akihito could abdicate at the end of 2018 and allow his eldest son, Prince Naruhito, to ascend the Chrysanthemum throne.

The country is the largest manufacturer of ballpoint pens in the world.

China Perfects the Art of Making Ballpoint Pens

China has mastered the art of making ballpoint pens. The country is the largest manufacturer of ballpoint pens in the world. It makes nearly 38 billion units every year. However, until now, China had imported the steel required for making the pen tips from Japan.

Comfort woman statue

Japan Recalls Ambassador to South Korea over 'Comfort Women' Statue

Japan on Monday recalled its ambassador to South Korea in protest of a statue in Busan dedicated to the women and girls forced to work in Japan's wartime brothels.

In Asia

US, UK, Japan Forming Anti-China Military Alliance in Asia

China has no allies in this fight. China will fight alone.


China Warns of World War III if Sea Battles Erupt in South China Sea

"As missile technologies advance, aircraft carriers are not the last bargaining chip between big powers."

Japan Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and leaders from South Korea and China

Japan Invites China, South Korea for Trilateral Talks

Japan has sounded out China and South Korea about holding a trilateral summit in Tokyo in February.

US President Barack Obama and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe

China, South Korea Angered by Japanese Minister's Visit to a War Dead Shrine

A senior Japanese official's decision to pay his respects at a controversial shrine for war dead has prompted an angry reaction from China and South Korea.

Japan to Change the name of Taiwanese Embassy.

China Condemns Japan’s Decision to Name Change De Facto Taiwan Embassy

China did not mince any words on Wednesday as it condemned Japan's decision to change the name of its de-facto embassy in the self-ruled Taiwan. The Japanese government's decision is seen by Beijing as a tactical challenge to its 'One China' policy.

Better prepared

Japan Reveals Record Defense Budget to Better Counter China’s Aggression

$1.80 billion, a record high, to strengthen the Japan Coast Guard.

Japan deleted a pregnancy clause on its Syrian refugee program.

Japan Rescinds Pregnancy Clause for Its Syrian Refugee Program

A language in a Japanese program that implied that pregnant refugee women from war-torn Syria will not be accepted into the country has been deleted.

Japan Prime Minister Shinzo Abe

Japan to Strengthen Its Coast Guard Amid East China Sea Dispute

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said that the country is stepping up its efforts to strengthen its coast guard after failing to resolve its feud with China over a group of East China Sea islets.

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