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 A Mazda logo is displayed during the Geneva Motor Show 2016 on March 2, 2016 in Geneva, Switzerland.

Mazda Issues Recall for Over 11,000 Cars in China

Japanese automaker Mazda Motor Corporation has issued a recall for 11,449 imported vehicles in China because of faulty lower control arm components, the country's top quality watchdog announced on Friday.


Japan’s Record 2017 Defense Budget Prepares for Conflict against China and North Korea

Funds will also be allotted to acquire the Lockheed Martin F-35A Lightning II stealth fighter jet

Japan Military

South China Sea Update: China Issues Warning to Japan Over Possible Deployment of SDF in Disputed Waters

China has strongly objected to the possible deployment of Japan's Self-Defense Forces (SDF) to the disputed South China Sea.

Ready for China

China Threatens Military Action Against Japan over South China Sea

The laws also allow the JSDF to defend weapons platforms of foreign countries contributing to Japan's defense.

The supply ship Gaoyouhu heads to Hawaii for the 2016 Pacific Rim (RIMPAC) on June 25, 2016 in the western Pacific Ocean.

China Holds 'Confrontation' Naval Drills in Sea of Japan

The Chinese navy is conducting 'confrontation' naval drills in the Sea of Japan as part of its routine annual exercises, according to state media.

China Navy

China Conducts Combat Drills in Sea of Japan

Chinese Navy has conducted combat drills in the Sea of Japan.

Japan Patrol Ship

South China Sea Dispute: Japan Gives new Patrol Ship to the Philippines; to Deliver 9 More by 2018

Japan has handed over a new patrol ship to the Philippines to boost Manila's maritime defense capabilities amid its territorial dispute with China in the South China Sea.

Yasukuni Shrine

China Angry Over Japanese Ministers' Visit to 'War-Linked' Yasukuni Shrine

China has expressed anger after two Japanese ministers' visited the "notorious war-linked" Yasukuni Shrine.

Japan Navy

Tokyo Releases Footage Showing Chinese Vessels Intruding Into Japan's Territorial Waters [VIDEO]

Japan has released footage showing Chinese vessels intruding into its territorial waters near the disputed Senkaku Islands in the East China Sea.

Japan China

Japan Takes More Aggressive Stance in East China Sea; Plans to Deploy Missiles to Disputed Islands

Japan is adopting a more aggressive stance in the East China Sea with a new plan to deploy new land-to-sea missiles to the disputed islands.

A satellite image of the Senkaku Islands located in the East of China on April 01, 2016 in Japan.

China Flies Fighter Jet Within '50 km' of Disputed Diaoyu Islands

China has sent fighter jets to the disputed Diaoyu Islands in the East China Sea on several occasions since May, with one of them coming within 50km of Japan's territorial airspace around the islets, according to a Japanese government official.

Japan Patrol Ships

South China Sea Dispute: Japan to Provide 2 Petrol Ships, Surveillance Aircraft to Philippines

Japan on Friday announced that it would provide two patrol vessels and a surveillance aircraft to the Philippines.

From Japan with love

Japan Continues to Strengthen Philippine Military; Plans to have its Navy use Philippine Ports

Japan's move to arm the Philippines wasn't lost on Chinese media.

US to Defend Japan Against China in East China Sea Row

US Ready to Defend Japan Against China in East China Sea Row

The United States is ready to defend its ally, Japan, against any military threat that may erupt in Tokyo's controlled islands, the Senkaku, in the East China Sea, as stipulated in a security treaty signed by both countries.

 Japan has lodged a protest with China after more than 200 Chinese vessels were seen in waters near disputed islands in the East China Sea.

Japan Protests After 230 Chinese Vessels Spotted Near Disputed East China Sea Islands

Japan has expressed its concerns to Beijing over the presence of nearly Chinese coastguard ships and nearly 230 fishing vessels in the waters near the disputed islets in the East China Sea, which both countries are claiming as their territory.

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