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Jeff Bezos


Jeff Bezos, WHO Team Up To Fight Against The Invisible Enemy Coronavirus

Amazon chief executive officer Jeff Bezos and the director general of the World Health Organization are sharing knowledge about how to combat the COVID-19 pandemic

Rockets rock

Jeff Bezos Unveils New Monster Rocket Called ‘New Glenn’

Like its smaller sister ship, New Shepard, New Glenn will have a reusable first stage booster capable of vertical landings.

Both winners

Jeff Bezos Beats Elon Musk for the Heinlein Prize

The prize for 2016 went to Bezos for his leadership in commercial space activities that have led to historic firsts.

A stable and precise landing of the New Shepard booster during its fourth mission on June 19, 2016.

Blue Origin Reusable Rocket Successfully Launches and Lands During Sunday's Live Webcast

Sunday's test flight of Blue Origin's space capsule was a success, during the private space company's first live webcast of their reusable rocket's launch and landing.

The same New Shepard booster that flew to space and then landed vertically in November 2015 has now flown and landed again.

Watch it Live Tonight: Blue Origin's Reusable Rocket Launch and Landing

Blue Origin's Jeff Bezos will livestream their very first live webcast of their reusable rocket, Blue Shepard, carrying a capsule that will carry tourists into space.

Fatastic visionary

Jeff Bezos’ Fantastic Vision: ‘millions of people living and working in space’

That dream for Bezos will begin by relocating the Earth's heavy industries into orbit above the planet.

Amazon Announced Impressive Result for the First Quarter of 2016

Amazon Posts Impressive Q1 Results: Stock Price Soars

Amazon crushed analysts' expectations with its strong first quarter results published on Thursday. Its Q1 net income was at $513 million, the company's fourth consecutive profitable quarter.

Blue Origin’s New Shepard and BE-3 Booster Rocket Land Successfully on Earth For Reuse

Blue Origin’s New Shepard and BE-3 Booster Rocket Land Successfully on Earth For Reuse

Bezo's space company Blue Origin just announced that another New Shephard capsule has been successfully launched into space and its booster rocket landed on Earth shortly thereafter to be reused.

CEO Jeff Bezos

Amazon Posts US$214 Million Profit

The net profit couldn't stop Amazon from reporting its first annual loss in 12 years.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos

Amazon Top Produce Around A Dozen Films A Year As Online Retail Giants Plan To Conquer Hollywood

Amazon, which already conquered the online retail world, is now planning to conquer the silver screen. Amazon big boss Jeff Bezos is planning to enter in the movie-making business with the aim of becoming one of Hollywood’s biggest Hollywood players.


Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos Had Hands-On Management with Fire Phone

Not much is known about why Amazon decided on the 3D display or FireFly, but one report claims Jeff Bezos' attachment to the project was the reason for Fire Phone failure.


Microsoft Ex-CEO Ballmer: Amazon is Not a "Real Company"

Microsoft's ex-CEO Steve Ballmer has accused Amazon of not being a "real company" after continuing to make zero profit for the past few years.


Amazon Reports Larger-than-Expected Q3 Loss is reporting a $544 million operating loss in their Q3 earnings call, with CEO Jeff Bezos citing more losses to come.

Amazon The Washington Post

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos plans to pre-load Washington Post on Kindles

After the $250 million acquisition of The Washington Post, CEO Jeff Bezos is looking to expand the readership by pre-loading it on the new Kindle Fire HDX.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos

Amazon Risks Losing Investors Amid Company Loss

After the second-quarter earnings of Amazon came out on Thursday, the online marketing company faces the risk of losing its investors.

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