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Knife-wielding Man Injured 12 Children at China Kindergarten

Kindergarten Stabbing Causes Knife Attack Concerns in China

Records of knife attack incidents in China have forced authorities to increase security around schools and conduct in-depth studies of the root causes of such acts, including the recent stabbing on Wednesday in a kindergarten in the Province of Pinxiang.


Sunshine is Really Good for Your Mental Health, Especially in Winter, says New Study

Take away sun time and distress can spike.

 A senior citizen sits at the corridor of a care center on May 22, 2007 in Zibo of Shandong Province, China.

Over 1,300 Elderly People Go Missing Each Day in China: Report

An estimated 1,370 elderly Chinese people go missing every day, that is, about half a million individuals aged 60 years and above per year, according to a new report by the Zhongmin Social Assistance Institute on Sunday.

Mentally Ill Continue To Live Under Harsh Conditions In Bali

China, India Deal with Growing Burden of Untreated Mental Problems

A recent study has revealed that a third of the growing global burden of mental illness are in two of the world's most populous countries - China and India, where millions of individuals are left untreated because of stigma and lack of resources.

China Daily Life

Political Advisors Advocate Better Mental Health Care for China's Elderly

Political advisors in China are calling for the improvement of the mental health care services given to the country's elderly.

Pregnant women who take SSRIs put their babies at risk for autism

Pregnant Women on Antidepressants Put Their Children at Risk For Autism

A new study published in JAMA Pediactrics on Monday found that there is strong evidence to suggest that pregnant women who take selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs), such as Prozac, Zoloft or Paxil during their final two trimesters may be putting their babies at risk of having autism.

Study discovers arachnophobia can be cured in 2 minutes

Arachnophobia Can Be Cured in 2 Minutes - Study

University of Amsterdam researchers discovered that it only takes two minutes of spider exposure to cure arachnophobia. The said study was published in the Biological Psychiatry journal.

A Family and Their Pet Dog

This New Study Will Make You Want a Pet Dog for Your Kids

Dogs are known to cause asthma and allergies, but a new study has uncovered a whole new, positive perspective about dogs. You might want to get one for your kids after reading this.

Chinese boy in Henan Province was expelled from school because he is mentally challenged

Boy Expelled from School in China Because He is Autistic

A boy has reportedly been expelled from a school in Henan province, China after 40 parents opposed his admission on the grounds that he is suffering from autism. Following the incident, Chinese netizens have reacted furiously of the government's inability to cater for the special needs of such children.

Study reveals change in sense of humor is a sign of dementia

Change in Sense of Humor May be Symptom of Dementia

A change in sense of humor could be a sign of dementia according to a new study by UK researchers. And it may begin to manifest years ahead compared with other symptoms.

Mental Health Disorders

Study Finds Mental Health Disorders Tend To Affect Adulthood

Childhood is the backbone for children to learn things on their own, but sometimes, children experience things that make them struggle throughout their adult life.


Alarming Study Finds Lack Of Education Could Be Deadly

In an alarming study, which was conducted by a team of researchers from University of Colorado, New York University and the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill, it revealed a connection between lack of education and shorter life span.

Chinese Diaspora To Big Cities Hurt Children Left Behind

Chinese Diaspora To Big Cities Hurt Children Left Behind

Many children in China are suffering from various mental and psychological conditions brought on by their parents' migration to cities, leaving them in the care of their elders

Psychedelic Drugs

No Link Between Psychedelic Drugs and Mental Health Issues, Study Says

Over 30 million American adults have tried psychedelics and there just is not much evidence of health problems.

Old People

Exercise Key to Preventing Dementia

Nicola Lautenschlager, a professor from the University of Melbourne, and her colleagues looked into the strategies to delay cognitive decline and found that physical exercise is beneficial for the health of the brain.

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