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I'm thirsty

Water-powered Satellite to Orbit the Moon

Cornell's water-powered CubeSat has a very important goal, and that is to demonstrate you can use water as a propellant,.

Jupiter from June

First Images Ever of Jupiter’s North and South Poles Lead to Unique Discoveries

All eight of Juno's science instruments were energized and collected data.

Ice volcano

Ice Volcano on Dwarf Planet Ceres Erupts Molten Ice

Ahuna is a volcanic dome built from repeated eruptions of freezing salty water.

A first

DNA Sequenced in Space for the Very First Time by American Astronaut

The MinION sequencer is smaller than a smartphone.

Boring rainbow

Colorless Rainbow in Missouri Kindles Interest in this Rare Phenomenon

Technically, a colorless rainbow is called a "fogbow."

Free brains

NASA Places its Priceless Research Online on PubSpace, and it's Free

People can now search NASA related articles archived in PMC at NASA PubSpace.


July is the Hottest Month in Recorded History

The first six months of 2016 the hottest in history, too.

Hello, Mars

GAO says NASA Not Ready to Fly to Mars with what it's Got

GAO doubts NASA can stick to its mission schedule.


NASA Celebrates Curiosity Rover’s 4th Year on Mars with a Video Game

You've got to navigate and balance the rover very carefully.

Vacuum cleaner

NASA Spacecraft will Land on Asteroid that will Smash into the Earth in the 22nd Century

The sample can help scientists understand how life on Earth began

To Mars!

Price Tag for First SpaceX Mission to Mars: $320 million

NASA, however, has finally publicly given its support for the Mars mission of SpaceX.

The invisible you

NASA Study Delves Deeper into the Human ‘Microbiome’ and ‘Omics’

NASA is studying the microbiomes of Mark and Scott Kelly.

Visiting for tea

UFO Seen from the ISS Triggers Cries of NASA Cover-up

NASA, however, had an explanation for the livestream interruption.

Hole-y cow!

Dangerous Antarctic Ozone Hole has Gotten Smaller and is Healing

The ozone hole is a severe depletion of the ozone layer above Antarctica.

One-eyed dwarf

Dawn to Continue Orbiting Ceres; NASA Rejects Option to Explore 145 Adeona

Ceres has already been mapped and there are few signs of scientifically interesting changes in Ceres.

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