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The 100,000th orbit men

ISS Completes its 100,000th Earth Orbit; There Won’t be a 200,000th

A return to the Moon is NASA's next target.

This spiral snowflake galaxy hosts a supermassive black hole inside.

Hubble Captures Perfect Snowflake Galaxy

Hubble Space Telescope just spotted a very bright spiral galaxy, resembling a snowflake and emitting powerful X-ray beams.

Power glow

NASA Averts Shutdown of Deep Space Missions with New Production of Pu-238

Before this welcome piece of good news, the U.S. bought all of its Pu-238 supplies from Russia since 1993.

Building robot miners for Mars

NASA Again Holds Competition to Build Mars Mining Robots

All these activities will need mining tools, specifically smart mining robots.

The four Magnetospheric Multiscale, or MMS, spacecraft (shown here in an artist's concept) have now made more than 4,000 trips through the boundaries of Earth's magnetic field, gathering observations of our dynamic space environment.

For the First Time, NASA Satellites Observe Magnetic Explosions in Space Weather

NASA satellites detected magnetic explosions in space for the first time when magnetic fields from all over cross and clash with each other.

Comet 252P/LINEAR as it passed by Earth

Hubble Captures Spinning Comet From Its Closest Approach of Earth

Scientists captured a series of images of the closest celestial object that the Hubble Space Telescope ever captured.

A very sweltering April, indeed.

April is Warmest Month Ever Worldwide, Says NASA; May Might be Worse

The heat records set from January to April ensure that 2016 will set a new record for the warmest year.

NIAC ideas

NASA Reveals Spectacular Concepts for Human Missions to Mars

NASA plans to send the first humans to Mars in the 2030s.

Pluto Map

Pluto’s Frozen Landscape’s Stunning Map: The Most Complete till Date!

On May 2, a new composite map of Pluto was produced. The map showed most detailed and sharpest view of the dwarf planet. It showed chunks of water ice with sharp and angled corners that float amidst solid nitrogen.

The money race for space

Dragon Wins; SpaceX Beats Boeing in New Space Race

SpaceX has already achieved notable firsts in this space race against Boeing.

Dwarf planet

The Darkest Dwarf Planet in the Solar System is Named Snow White

Snow White or 2007 OR10 is the third-largest dwarf planet discovered in the solar system.

Dragon recovery team on site after nominal splashdown in Pacific.

SpaceX Dragon Capsule Successfully Returns From Space Station

On Wednesday, SpaceX's Dragon capsule returned from the International Space Station after one month, filled with a treasure trove of scientific experiments.

This artist's concept depicts select planetary discoveries made to date by NASA's Kepler space telescope.

NASA Detects 1,284 Alien Planets Using New Technique

NASA's Kepler Space Telescope discovered a treasure trove of exoplanets in a single discovery, the biggest one yet, where nine of them are Earth-like.

To infinity and beyond!

NASA Moves Up First Launch of SLS/Orion to Sept. 2018

The first SLS mission is designated Exploration Mission 1 or EM-1.

SOFIA/GREAT spectrum of oxygen [O I] superimposed on a Viking 1 composite image of Mars by USGS University of Arizona. The amount of atomic oxygen computed from this SOFIA data is about half the amount expected.

Atomic Oxygen on Mars Detected by NASA

With the help of NASA's SOFIA observatory, the presence of atomic oxygen on Mars has been determined that could provide clues to possible microbial life.

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