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Hello, darling

Apple and NASA Celebrate with Songs Juno Probe’s July 4 Rendezvous with Jupiter

NASA wants to inspire musicians and everyone to hear more about the Juno mission.

Space money man

Texas Congressman gets Funding for NASA to Send Two Spacecraft to Europa

Culberson has made it illegal for NASA not to send spacecraft to Europa.

Space Net

NASA’s Testing a Space Internet Network for the Entire Solar System

NASA described DTN as the first step towards an interplanetary internet or solar system internet network.

Friends in space

Heads of China and US Space Agencies Appeal for Cooperation in Space Exploration

"We would like to cooperate with the US, especially for space and moon exploration."

Time for Plan B?

US Congress Advisory Body Faults NASA for Slow Pace of Mars Landing Program

ASAP also said it's been asking NASA for a formal plan "for some time."


SpaceX Reports to NASA on Progress in Mars Landing Project

"This will mark, hopefully, the first time that we restore the capability of launching people to space from America."

China Space Program

China’s Space Program to Develop Family of Robots for Mars Mission

China's space program will receive a major boost as the nation's leading space agency intends to develop a family of robots that will be tasked to handle its unmanned and manned space exploration efforts.

Faster than a speeding bullet

Supersonic Jetliners are making a Comeback; will have Quieter Sonic Booms

This technology is an experimental X-plane designed to reach Mach 1.42 (1,800km/h).

Buzz, buzz.

NASA Helicopter Drone to fly on Mars for the First Time

Mars' very low density atmosphere is the main challenge the copter will have to overcome.

Tim Peake

UK Royal Mail Honours Astronaut returning Home After 186 Days in Space

The British Royal Mail has issued a limited edition postmark that reads "Welcome Home Tim Peake," in honor of British astronaut Timothy Peak, who was on the European Space Agency's (ESA) Principia Space Mission to the International Space Station (ISS) that took off in December last year from Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan and landed back on Earth on June 18, 2016.

Electricity flies

NASA Reveals Future Electric Plane; 10 or More Engines will be Standard

NASA's electric airplane named "Maxwell" is the future of flight.

NASA released some retro cool posters for recruiting explorers to the Red Planet.

NASA Wants You to Explore Mars: See These Amazing Mars Recruitment Posters

NASA just released a new series of posters filled with retro designed, recruitment inspiration for Mars for those who dream of one day exploring the Red Planet.

Red Dragon on Red Planet

NASA Decides to Support SpaceX’s Mars Landing Missions

Of special interest to NASA is Red Dragon's "supersonic retropropulsion."

Be a Martian

NASA Issues Delightful Recruitment Posters Urging People to go to Mars

NASA wants you for Mars. Be a Martian and sign-up!

Burn baby, burn.

NASA Intentionally Ignites Largest Man-made Fire in Space

Data from SAFFIRE will be used to improve fire safety on future crewed spacecraft.

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