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Astronaut Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise Would've Been a NASA Astronaut on Space Shuttle Columbia when it was Destroyed

Cruise seems to have made a deal with NASA back then.

A brave man

NASA’s Bolden Makes Brave but Pointless Appeal for U.S.-China Space Cooperation

The 112th United States Congress in November 2011 banned NASA from engaging in bilateral agreements and coordination with China

Using data from the LAMP instrument aboard the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, a Southwest Research Institute-led team of scientists discovered two geologically young craters — one (right) 16 million, the other (left) between 75 and 420 million, years old —

Two New Craters Revealed on 'Dark Side of the Moon'

NASA scientists reveal two "newly formed" impact craters on the other side of the moon, revealing clues about the solar system's evolution.

This illustration depicts a possible

Monster Supermassive Black Holes Come from Collapsing Cosmic Clouds

New data from NASA's space telescopes reveals how black holes form big already from collapsing clouds instead of starting from small, and expanding rapidly.

WISE or unwise?

Techie Billionaire and Amateur Asteroid Hunter Says NASA’s Asteroid Data Deeply Flawed

Dr. Myhrvold, however, isn't an astronomer and has never done research on asteroids before.

Twinkle, twinkle.

Russian Billionaire, Republican Congressman Want NASA to Build a Spacecraft to Travel to Alpha Centauri

The catch is the spacecraft they need to do this exist only in science fiction.


Fallen Astronaut Memorial on the Moon Omits Name of first African- American Astronaut

No African-American astronaut has yet set foot on the Moon.

Might not happen

New Horizons' Bid to Explore 2014 MU69 in Kuiper Belt Endangered by NASA

The flyby is should take place on New Year's Eve 2018

Lunar and Martian space stations

Orbital ATK Proposes Building Manned Lunar Space Station by 2020

Orbital ATK’s proposal will lead to establishing a permanent human presence in lunar orbit.

Cheating 'death' time and again

NASA’s Crash Test Dummies Ensure First Humans to Land on Mars Survive Return to Earth

Each dummy is equipped with internal sensors to help engineers quantify the potential for injury.

Female humanoid

‘Female’ Humanoid Valkyrie Robot will be the First to Land on Mars

These females will pave the way for the human colonization of Mars.

Mars orbiter

Lockheed Martin to Join SpaceX in Manned Mars Missions

Mars Base Camp will be assembled in orbit around the moon.

By Jove!

Europa is More Earth-like than Previously Thought

Scientists surmise Europa's rocky interior is much more Earth-like than previously suggested.

Spy sat?

China Launches ‘Remote Sensing Satellite’; US Says it’s a Spy Satellite

The Jianbing-6 series to which Yaogan-30 belongs carry high resolution optical sensors.

Where NASA has never gone before

NASA Studies Ways of Preventing Astronauts from Going Crazy in Space

The goal of this study and other studies is to better prepare astronauts manage the mental and physical demands of space travel.

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