Universities Forewarn Bible Students over Graphic Images of Crucifixion

mwaniki wanjiku   | Jan 05, 2017 09:12 PM EST

Theology students are given advance warning that they may encounter disturbing images while studying the crucifixion of Jesus to give them a chance to leave if they fear getting upset, the Daily Mail reported. read more

Gag Order Against Catholics of Guam Rescinded

ALVIN MUNENE   | Jun 18, 2016 12:11 AM EDT

A recent decree that was aimed at preventing Catholics from interacting with a group that is calling for the removal of Guam Archbishop Antony Apuron has been rescinded. read more

Chinese Authorities Enforce Ban on Religious Activities in Schools after Seeing Video of Girl Reciting Muslim Passages

Julio Cachila   | May 06, 2016 05:37 PM EDT

A video that featured a little Chinese girl reciting scriptures from the Muslim Quran has prompted education authorities in a certain province in China to enforce a ban on any religious activity inside schools. read more

Catholic Cathedral in Shanghai Undergoing Renovation

Charissa Echavez   | Dec 12, 2015 08:29 AM EST

A century-old cathedral, known as Far East's grandest church, has been showing some signs of aging and is currently undergoing renovations. read more

Russell Crowe Says He Looked Into Scientology As Tom Cruise's Friend

Soledad Mayo   | Apr 23, 2015 12:21 AM EDT

Actor Russell Crowe, 51, reveals that there was a time there was a possibility for him joining the Church of Scientology but he never did. He explained that it was at the time when he and Tom Cruise were often hanging out together, the time when Cruise was still married to actress Nicole Kidman. According to Crowe, at that time he was greatly intrigued with the controversial religion so he began looking into it. read more

Religious 'Addicts' Barred From Joining Communist Party

Desiree Sison   | Feb 03, 2015 08:38 AM EST

China's communist party has barred members of the faith from joining the communist party, a move that observers said was an attempt by the ruling party to tighten its ideological hold on the members and the Chinese people. read more

Religious Americans Favor Science but Reject Evolution

Marco Foronda   | Jan 30, 2015 07:56 AM EST

This indicates that it is not that they don't know the science; they just don't agree with it. read more

Pope Francis Says Dogs Go To Heaven

Riley Grant   | Dec 15, 2014 11:01 AM EST

Pope Francis was trying to make a little boy stop from crying when his dog died and he said during his latest public appearance at St. Peter’s Square that paradise welcomes all God’s creatures. read more

Science Guy Bill Nye Explains His Take On Creationism and Evolution

Marco Foronda   | Nov 12, 2014 01:11 AM EST

There's a link between people skeptical of climate change and those that assert the Earth has existed for only about 6,000 years. read more

Jews Worldwide Celebrate Rosh Hashanah And The Year 5775

Dan Weisman   | Sep 25, 2014 05:28 PM EDT

Around the world the sound of the shofar, or ram's horn, ushered in Rosh Hashanah and the year 5775 on the Jewish calendar. It's been a tough year for Israel and the Jewish people, but millions of Jews worldwide looked to the future with some hope along with trepidation. read more

Evangelist Christians Adore Ashley Madison

Arthur Dominic Villasanta   | Jun 07, 2014 12:45 AM EDT

The "Holier Than Thou" aren't so holy, after all. read more

Beijing Denies Anti-Christianity Claims

Christl Leong   | May 21, 2014 10:57 AM EDT

China denies allegations that recent spates of church demolitions are government efforts to eliminate Christianity in the country, The Telegraph reports. read more

China Tightens Regulations On Religious Adoption

Robert Sarkanen   | May 06, 2014 02:42 PM EDT

Chinese officials have now banned unregistered religious groups and persons from forcing abandoned and orphaned children to follow their faith by adopting them in the name of their religion. read more

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