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Uk storm damage

Hurricane Katie Puts Stormy End to UK Easter Celebrations

With storm Katie ravaging through several parts of the country, the Met Office has issued an amber bad weather signal. The shores of Scotland and Southern England were anticipated to face the wrath of hurricanes as the fierce storm travelled across the Atlantic in merely 30 hours.


Students Unveil World's First Actual Flying Car in Singapore

Eight engineering students from Singapore recently unveiled what could be the world’s very first successful flying car. The current prototype of the personal flying machine can lift a 70 kg person and can be airborne for five minutes. The student inventors, who hail from the National University of Singapore, call their creation, the Snowstorm.


Stubborn Pelican, Heavy Snow Snarl Road and Air Traffic

A pelican held traffic on the 90 Freeway in California for about one hour on Saturday afternoon.

mbta copley station

Boston-Area Transit System Head Resigns Amid Commuter Frustration, Delays

The head of the Boston-area transit system has resigned amid operational disruptions and commuter frustration during a series of snowstorms that hammered parts of the east coast.


Blizzard to Dump More Than 2 Feet of Snow in Coastal New England

Coastal New England is in the midst of a winter storm of historic proportions, so residents are warned that over two feet of snow is expected to be dumped in the region, Boston Mayor Marty Walsh said on Monday afternoon.


Uber To Cap Surge Pricing During East Coast Snowstorm

Taxi app Uber has agreed to put a cap to its prices as the Northeast Coast battles a snowstorm.

Crippling Blizzard

Northeastern U.S. in Shutdown Mode Ahead of 'Historic Blizzard'

Millions of people in the Northeastern U.S. prepare to be in shutdown mode before the coming of a "crippling" powerful blizzard that can cover the area in three feet of snow, prompting authorities to close roads, rail and flight services.


Historic Blizzard Threatening to Cripple U.S. East Coast

A historic blizzard is threatening to cripple New York, dumping what could be up to three feet of snow.

Too much snow

Extreme Weather Conditions are the “New Climate Normal”

The consequences for development would be severe.

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