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Very sick?

Is Duterte Close to Death?

Reports said Duterte suffered a stroke and that part his body was paralyzed.

A dirty way to die

Air Pollution Identified as Major Risk Factor for Stroke

Over 90% of the global burden of stroke is linked to modifiable risk factors.

African-Americans Could Be Suffering From Other Brain Pathologies In Addition To Alzheimer’s Disease

Unlike European-Americans, African-Americans Could Be Suffering From Other Brain Pathologies In Addition To Alzheimer’s Disease

Most African-Americans could be suffering from other different types of brain pathologies in addition to Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) unlike European-Americans, says a study published in the medical journal of the American Academy of Neurology.

Stroke Patient

Study: Sleeping Too Much Can Triple Chances Of Getting A Stroke

Getting way too much sleep can triple the risk of getting a stroke, according to a recent study. This risk can be further increased if a person is already with high blood pressure. But there is also a flip side to it; people who sleep for less than 5 hours can also increase their chances of getting a brain hemorrhage.

Kids Can Suffer From Stroke Too!

It is unlikely to hear that kids have tendency to suffer from stroke. But yes, stroke is one of the top 10 cases of death among children in US.

Mediterranean diet

Mediterranean Diet Can Help Cut Stroke Risk

Strict adherence to a Mediterranean diet significantly reduces stroke risk.

Obese woman weighing

Genetics Plays a Big Role in Obesity, New Study Argues

The findings may help investigate why some individuals are more likely than others to gain weight.


Early Paramedic Treatment Improves Chances of Surviving a Stroke

The study shows it's feasible to provide treatments to stroke patients even before they arrive at a hospital.


Many Americans are Taking Aspirin Unnecessarily

While aspirin is useful in preventing strokes by preventing blood clots, it may also cause dangerous bleeding.


Google Aims to Scan Bodies for Disease

The early detection of a disease is known to significantly increase the likelihood of successfully treating several types of life-threatening illnesses.

Elderly British Woman Forced to Abandon Husband in Turkish Hospital After Insurance Co. Refuses to Pay £30,000 Bill

The 91-year-old wife of a retired policeman was forced to leave her husband at a hospital in Turkey after receiving a hospital bill worth £30,000.

Brain Neurons

Scientists Find the Brain Repairs Itself after a Stroke

The finding paves the way for methods that could replace dead neurons.

Lauren Bacall accepts her Honorary Oscar during the 2009 Governors Awards at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences.

Film actress Lauren Bacall dies at age 89

An iconic symbol of glamor, and great acting chops, film actress Lauren Bacall died Wednesday at age 89 of a stroke.

Miracle Baby born while Mommy is paralyzed from Stroke

Miracle Baby Born while Mommy is Paralyzed From Stroke

A British woman miraculously gives birth to a healthy baby boy after a stroke paralyzed her a week before her delivery.

World-Cup-Linked Fatality Reported in Shanghai

A football fan in Shanghai died on Sunday from a brain hemorrhage after staying up late three consecutive nights to watch the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

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