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World of Warcraft

China's Tsingtao released 'World of Warcraft'-themed beers.

Grab an Ice-Cold 'World of Warcraft' Beer in China Now

Warcraft's popularity continues to soar as the fantasy video game now has its own beer released by Chinese brewery Tsingtao in special edition cans.

Warcraft China Box Office

‘Warcraft’ Shatters China’s Box Office Records

"Warcraft" shattered the China box office, as it pulled in a massive $156 million during its five day run in the mainland.

Premiere Of Universal Pictures' 'Warcraft' - Arrivals

‘Warcraft’ News & Updates: Movie Hits Box Office, Rakes in $145 Million in China Over Weekend Opening

No country has embraced Warcraft better than China. During its weekend opening, Warcraft earned $145 million, more than five times more its $27 million opening at the U.S. box office.

In the spirit of BlizzCon, we've updated our header and profile pic! What do you guys think?

Blizzard & Facebook Incredible Deal: Players can Stream Overwatch and Other Games Directly to Facebook

Blizzard Entertainment is working on making logging in and live streaming easier. Overwatch developers are teaming up with Facebook to implement Facebook's Live API into their games.

World of Warcraft China Release Date

‘World of Warcraft’ Release Date in China Anticipated to be Another Blockbuster

The “World of Warcraft” the movie is now breaking pre-sales records in China even before its official release date.

Chinese WoW-Themed Movie My WoW

Chinese Version of 'World of Warcraft' to be Released This Month

A Chinese epic fantasy film titled My WoW, (which means My World of Warcraft) is set for release this month, according to The Nanfang. Of note, this is not the Hollywood Warcraft movie


China Will See 'World of Warcraft' Movie before the US [VIDEO]

The upcoming World of Warcraft (WoW) movie will be released in Chinese theatres on June 8, two days before it begins showing on American screens.

World of WarCraft

Blizzard Finally Comments About ‘World of Warcraft’ Nostalrius Server Takedown

A couple of weeks following the forced closure of a private 'World of Warcraft' server dubbed Nostalrius, Blizzard has finally spoken up regarding the cease and desist order filed against the developers of the private unofficial server.


Warcraft Movie Trailer Unveiled – Humans and Orcs Battling Each Other for Survival

Legendary Pictures has finally unveiled the first tangible trailer of the highly anticipated Warcraft movie. Millions of fans have already watched the trailer video since on YouTube since its release on Friday.

World of WarCraft

‘World of WarCraft’ Update: Blizzard Wary on Creating Another MMO Sequel!

The famous MMO game "World of WarCraft" has recently given its fans the idea of creating another MMO sequel after they introduced their latest expansion"Legion: World of Warcrafts."

World of Warcraft

‘World Of Warcraft’ Update: Makers Hint At The Possibility Of A Sequel; Will It Happen Anytime Soon?

Game developer Blizzard has finally broken the silence on the repeated questions about the possibility of introducing a sequel to the hugely popular game “World of Warcraft”.

Meet Orgrim Doomhammer – The Star of the Upcoming 'Warcraft' Movie From Legendary Pictures

Legendary Picture released a still picture and close up of the Orc Warchief Orgrim Doomhammer.

Blizzard Initiates Bans

Blizzard Bans 10,000 ‘World of Warcraft’ Bot Users

Blizzard Entertainment imposed its iron hand of justice after banning at least 100,000 “World of Warcraft” accounts that were using bots.

'World of Warcraft' Bot Creator Honorbuddy Surrenders in the Wake of Blizzard’s Banning Offensive

The developer for the WoW Honorbuddy bot has shutdown their authentication system in the wake of Blizzard's massive banning of accounts that uses their bots.


World of Warcraft, Steam Blocked In Crimea Following Sanctions

Apple and Google, two of the main technology corporations in the U.S., also removed all products and services from the region.

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