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YouTube App to Support Virtual Reality Video for Android Users

YouTube App Now Supports Virtual Reality Videos on Android

YouTube on Thursday announced two new features for its android app that expands the video site to support virtual reality videos, according to Reuters.

YouTube Kids App

YouTube Kids App Receives An Update Regarding Parenting Control

YouTube Kids app received an update this week by Google regarding added parenting control to address child problems.

Online shopping

YouTube Videos To Feature Shopping Ads Soon

YouTube might look more like a Home Shopping Network with its 'shopping ads' to roll out over the next few months.


Google Restricts Adblocks; YouTube Users Forced to Watch Full Length Ads!

Google started implementing stricter rules on Adblock users by restricting the app and forces the user to watch full length ads on a certain YouTube video.


Facebook Is Coming For YouTube But Google Is Not Afraid

Facebook is preparing to give YouTube a serious run for its money, but the number one video platform on the web is not fearful of its first genuine competition in the last decade.

UFO Sighting

UFO Video: Shocking YouTube Clip Shows Flying Alien

A shocking video clip was recently uploaded on YouTube that claimed to be a proof of UFO sightings and the existence of extraterrestrial life. While space experts have been mum about the video, many viewers were left baffled about the authenticity of the clip that has gone viral.


YouTube Update For Android: Users To Now Get 60 fps Video Playback Support

The latest YouTube Update for android and iOS will make it possible for iOS and others android powered smartphone users to get video playback support of up to 60 fps.They will be able to enjoy better video feeds and live streams with this facility.


Facebook News: Social Media Giant Shifts Algorithm To Offer More Quality Video Content

Social media giant Facebook has decided to take on the video domination challenge by improving its News Feed algorithm so as to provide more quality and relevant videos customized to suit each viewer’s preference.

Meeting The Cow Queen In 'Diablo III' Surfaces [RUMORS] – Blizzard ‘Debunks the Cowspiracy’

There are reports that "Diablo III" has secret cow level in celebration of its third aniversary.

Henry Cavill as the Man of Steel in Batman vs Superman

Popular Parody Trailer Of The "Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice" Becomes Viral

The popular trailer for "Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice" just got a fantastic makeover by a fan. The trailer was re-edited with classic scenes from older TV and film "Batman" and "Superman" characters. Ben affleck is replaced by Adam West as Batman and Henry Cavill, by Christopher Reeve as Superman.

Will Google Offer Paywall Content on YouTube?

Google might be looking into revamping its paywall content to include old and new channels.


Nintendo Loses Another YouTuber Due to Poor Business Practices

Nintendo has hit another YouTuber with DMCA claim for content.

YouTube Working on Gaming Streaming Service

The relaunch will remove some of the social features found on YouTube's current streaming service.


Twitch Accounts Reset Following Major Breach

The extent of the breach isn't clear but all accounts have been reset.

Chinese Tourists' Bad Behavior Slammed By Thai Celebrity In YouTube Video

A Thai celebrity identified as Duangjai Phichitamphon recently filmed herself and uploaded a video on YouTube talking about Chinese tourists having poor manner and bad behavior causing the Chinese community to react about the allegations.

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