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YouTube Introduces New App for Video Trimming

Users can edit and omit unwanted frames in their video shots before uploading.

YouTube Trying Again With Subscription Service

It's the second time YouTube has tried to add paid subscription onto video streaming.

YouTube Launches Android App for Kids

An app for children has been requested for a long time, according to YouTube.

Youtube Taps Online Celebrities to Battle Katy Perry's Super Bowl Halftime Show

All eyes and ears turn to the Super Bowl halftime stage this Sunday, as pop stars Katy Perry and Lenny Kravitz look to entertain fans. However, another spotlight is being setup in cyberspace, as Youtube joins the battle for halftime show dominance.

YouTube Makes HTML5 its Default Video

Flash is finally off YouTube.


YouTube Competitor Vessel Launches For $2.99 Per Month

Vessel has finally arrived in closed beta, allowing viewers to watch channel content three days early.

Vimeo Teams Up with Disney's Maker Studios for YouTube Creators to Get Paid

Calling all budding filmmakers and even the professional ones, Disney's Maker Studios just recently made a deal with online video publishing company Vimeo for YouTube creators to make money outside YouTube.

ISIS Supporters Take Over U.S. Army's Social Networking Accounts

Supporters of the militant group Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) have hijcked the YouTube and Twitter accounts of the United States Central Command (CENTCOM), posting messages about the caliphate and threats against the top U.S. officials using the said accounts.

Twitter Working on Video Platform to Rival YouTube

Twitter is reportedly working on a video platform to rival YouTube and Facebook, the two leaders in internet video.

Police Kill Man Who Attempted To Run Them Over; Suspect Wanted For Posting Threatening Videos

Police officers shoot and kill man in suburban Pennsylvania after he allegedly tried to run them over with his car, had a warrant for posting threatening videos

Facebook Testing Video Ads, Redesign Of Pages To Compete With YouTube

Facebook is testing video adverts, alongside a redesign of pages to make popular networks become more viewable.


'The Interview' Now Available to Stream on Youtube, Google Play, Xbox

The film is available in HD for steaming beginning 10 p.m. ET Wednesday and will cost users just $5.99.


Google Faces $19 Million Fine in Netherlands Over Privacy Policy

Google faces a $19 million penalty in the Netherlands if it doesn't change its privacy policy by February 2015.

YouTube Launches GIF Creator

YouTube has launched a GIF creator. Channels can now allow users to create GIFs of their videos.

Google Will Offer Kid-Friendly Versions of its Products

Google has announced that a kid-friendly version of all their products is already underway as Google's Vice President of Engineering Pavni Diwanji confirmed the news while being interviewed by USA Today.

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