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SBS, CJ E&M, JTBC and MBC Blocks South Koreans from Viewing Contents from Their YouTube Channels

South Korean broadcasting companies SBS, CJ E&M, JTBC and MBC are said to be blocking people in South Korea from viewing their YouTube contents starting on December 8.

Malaysian Government In YouTube Censorship

After looking to block Facebook in local areas, the Malaysian government are back with another terrible idea, YouTube censorship.


Streaming Standards Group Revealed Without Netflix, YouTube Support

When creating a streaming standards group, it might be useful to make sure the two biggest video streaming services are on board.

YouTube introduces Music Key, a paid service

YouTube unveiled YouTube Music Key Wednesday. It’s an upgrade of its music offerings that offers users top-quality audio, which charges them $7.99 a month for extra features, like, for example, streaming audios minus the obnoxious ads.

Electric Love Hyperlapse Creates Buzz On YouTube

Jones said the thrill of the art for him is the ability to see the project being created.

YouTube Music Pass "Weeks Away" From Launch

YouTube Music Pass is reportedly weeks away from an official launch, after a few delays to the subscription service.

Google Doodle Honors 25th Anniversary of Berlin Wall's Fall

The wall fell on November 9, 1989, an event that signaled the ultimate fall of communism in Europe.

Mi3 Xiaomi Headquarters

Xiaomi Pirates American-Chinese exec from Spotify

Donovan Sung, an American-Chinese who speaks bilingually, confirmed he's left Spotify.

YouTube Interested In Developing Subscription Service

YouTube has been flirting around the idea of a subscription service for over a year and CEO Susan Wojcicki spoke about the service again, claiming it would give the YouTube audience more choice.

iPad Air 2′s front panel

Bend Test is the New Torture Test Standards for Devices

Until September, torture tests to assess the physical strength of newly released smartphones and tablets always included dropping the gadget from a certain height, hitting it with hammers and scratching the screen and back covers with keys and coins, and dunking it in water.

iPhone 6

Facebook, Youtube and Skype iOS Apps Roll Out Updates for iPhone 6 Series

Get the updated Facebook, YouTube and Skype iOS apps for your iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

Music Streaming Cuts into Industry Profit

RIAA data suggests that streaming services comprise the majority of the music industry's total sales.

Faye Wong

Revived Faye Yong-Nicholas Tse Romance Sends Shockwaves Across Social Media

The alleged rekindled romance between celebrities Faye Wong and Nicholas Tse seen on a video has sent shockwaves across Weibo.


DuckDuckGo, "The Search Engine That Doesn't Track You", Blocked by China

China blocks 'privacy' search engine DuckDuckGo

Google Plans Another Massive Investment in YouTube

This to prevent YouTube users from transferring to other video-sharing websites,

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