Updated 2:12 PM EST, Wed, Jan 29, 2020

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Apple Hiring Fashion Retailers to Sell Apple Watch


(Photo : Reuters) Apple is hiring fashion experts for its retail workers, in preparation for the launch of the Apple Watch in Spring 2015.

Smartwatches are mostly seen as tech gadgets, but the recent trend by manufacturers has been to make the wearable look just like a normal watch, to give it some fashion points.

Apple appears to be going all-in on the fashion accessory rather than a tech gadget. The company is currently hiring retail workers with a fashion or luxury background, to stock Apple Stores up with retail staff who know how to sell something for its looks. The new staff members will be trained on the functionality of the Apple Watch before stepping onto the shop floor, to make sure they do not mess up some of the main functionality of the smartwatch.

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It looks like the main features Apple will show off will be the design. When first announced, the design received a mixed response, especially from fans of the Moto 360 or LG G Watch R-two othersmartwatch options with classic watch designs.

Apple staff will need to be able to sell the Apple Watch's materials to the customer, including the stainless steel or aluminum shell and various bands, including metal, leather and sport rubber.

The gold version of the smartwatch-named the Apple Watch Edition-will reportedly feature 18-karat gold and cost upwards of $4,999. Selling one of these watches will take some effort, especially since it offers the same software experience as the $349 option.

Smartwatches are not selling on the same level as smartphones and tablets, but Apple has already ordered 30 million units from its distributors in Taiwan, showing the confidence in the product.

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