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Google America Update: 'Tell Google To Give Local Populace A Chance To Be Forgotten,' American Consumer Group Asks Government

Users of the internet in Europe have a special privilege according to which Google will eliminate the irrelevant search results once they are outdated giving people a chance to control their online reputation. Now, an American Consumer Group is seeking similar rights for the American users as well


Facebook’s New News Feed: See What Matters To You First, Decluttering The Previous Format

Facebook's new news feed offers a more de-cluttered version to the users, where they will get to see updates from their best friends first. In simple terms, this will ensure that the users see what actually makes a difference to them instead of having to browse through the entire newsfeed.


Facebook Features: New Icon For Friends Promotes The Idea Of Feminism

Like several other companies in the Silicon Valley, Facebook was recently in news for the under-representation of women in its workforce but looks like now the social media giant is keen to rework its image as it introduces new icons for friends that propagate the cause of feminism


Twitter New Features: Desparate To Get Ad Data Microblogging Site Introduces New Birthday Feature

Twitter will now celebrate the birthday of its members by decorating the tweet handle with balloons. The new feature has been introduced since 6th July in a desperate attempt to get more data for advertisers

Microsoft Will Announce More Job Cuts

Microsoft Job Cuts 2015: Largest Software Company All Set To Announce More Layoffs To Cut Costs

Sources familiar with the Microsoft job cuts 2015 figures said that in addition to the 18000 layoffs announced last year, the company has confirmed to announce more job-cuts. The desperate move is expected to help the company to cut costs

Casio Gshock

Casio Smartwatch: Japanese Watch Maker All Set To Battle It Out With Technology Giant Apple Launching Its Own Smartwatch

Known for its designer and durable time pieces, Casio has a legendary reputation when it comes to watches. However, now the renowned watchmaker has decided to foray into the domain of wearable technology as well

Google Glass

Google Glass Update: Search Engine Giant Discontinues Google Glass; New Version Expected Soon

When the latest Google Glass update said that the company was planning to discontinue the sale of its existing smart glass model, gadget freaks across the globe were shocked. However, it turns out that Google is halting the same of Explorer edition to soon launch the all new Enterprise edition

Minecon 2015

'Minecraft' Gaming Update: MINECON Sees Two Landmark Announcements; Includes Update For Windows 10 Version

As this year's MINECON concluded, gamers have a lot to look forward to. The conference witnessed two important announcements. Firstly, Minecraft Story Mode, the new version by Telltale games is expected soon and secondly Minecraft confirmed that it will soon be launching a version for Windows 10

Samsung Smartphone

Chinese Suing Samsung: Smartphone Maker Samsung To Be Sued By Consumer Organization For Breaching Privacy

Consumer watchdogs in China are planning to sue Samsung and Oppo as they are found pre installing apps in mobiles before selling it to the customer saying that this is actually breaching the privacy of the user as no consent is asked for. The apps could be unwanted and are a direct infringement of the customers right to know

3D Printing Technology

3D Print Technology: Seahorse Tails Made With 3D To Help In Increasing Robotic Flexibility

The newly developed 3D tails of the seahorse have shown a remarkable advantage of flexibility that is inspiring scientists to update the robotic technology to give more flexibility as well as body armours to the existing models


Oneplus Phone Launch: Google Cardboard Virtual Reality Headset Available For Free With Oneplus New Phone

Come July 27, the world will witness the launch of the masterpiece, the Oneplus new mobile successor to the hugely popular One. However, the virtual reality launch of the Oneplus phone has one more unique feature, the makers are giving away Google's Cardboard virtual reality headset for free. What's the catch? Find out here.


Facebook Revenue Model To Fill Users Pockets; Social Networking Giant Announced To Share Ad Money With Video Creators

In a surprising move, social networking firm Facebook has announced that it will be sharing the revenue generated from videos with those who create it in order to invite more people to share their videos on its portal.

Anki Overdrive

Anki Overdrive Cars: Swanky Toy Car Maker Confirmed Shipping For Its Latest Offering In September

Anki Overdrive Cars, a brand synonymous with providing state of the art racing toy cars has confirmed that the new second generation version of the robotic racing cars will be available for shipping by 20th September this year.

Yahoo And Google

Yahoo, Google Merger Could Be Possible As The Former Explores Search Partnership Opportunities

With Microsoft and Yahoo not being exclusive any longer, Yahoo and Google merger as search partners could be a possibility as the former explores association opportunities with Google


Facebook Artificial Intelligence To Be Better Than Humans, Says Founder Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg reveals the social network giant’s ambitious plan to develop Artificial Intelligence technologies that will be better than human mind and will change the way things are perceived.

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