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Facebook Security Chief Asks Adobe To End Flash, Urging People To Move On!

What was once thought of as a reliable application by technology giants like Google and Blackberry has now been rendered useless as better technologies take center stage. However, social media giant Facebook security chief has gone one step ahead and is asking Adobe to end the technology once and for all. Will it happen?


Nokia Update: Nokia Hints At A Prospective Return To The Mobile Phone Market

After Nokia sold its handset and device business to the technology firm Microsoft, a year ago, the once leading mobile phone maker has hinted at the chance of a possible comeback in the mobile market. While the recent statement issued by Nokia does talk of a possible comeback, there is no clarity on how this is expected to happen

Google Maps

Google Maps Update: Android Brings Out New Version Allowing Users To Transfer Data From Mobile To Desktop Easily

Google maps much awaited update that will allow users to easily transfer data from their mobile to their desktops has finally happened. This is surely expected to simplify matters for the travelers as well

Android Car

Carmakers Want Their Technology Partners To Stay Away From Data; Fearing Misuse of Valuable Information

Automobile companies are realizing that the increasing intrusion of technology firms into their process could actually pose a threat and want their tech partners to stay away from their information.

Playstation 4

'Hatoful Boyfriend' PlayStation 4, PS Vita Release Expected In July, Sony Confimed!

Gamers finally have a reason to rejoice as Sony has confirmed that it will be launching the bird loving game "Hatoful Boyfriend," across Playstation 4 and Playstation Vita by the July 21, as part of the cross-buy package, in which, playing on the go will also be possible.


China Innovation Products: New Superfast Helicopters Could Be A Reality By 2025

Carrying forth its legacy to innovate, China is most likely to be ready with at least two prototypes of the technology driven superfast helicopters in the next ten years. In 2013, at the Second China Helicopter Expo, many such state of the art models were displayed

3D Printer

3D Printed Cars: New Technology Will Make It Possible To Witness 3D In Automation

3D printed cars is still a far-fetched technology waiting to happen in the future but the recent technological advancements indicate that this future will soon be a reality as WA-based mechanical engineer, Kevin Lo, shows it’s possible

Apple Pay

Apple iOS 9 Download Is Now Available For Free; Risk Of Bugs And Crashes High

The coveted Apple iOS 9 is now available for download. What’s more is that this is just the beta version and so the Apple crew has not been able to fix the bugs yet so the risk of crashes or other problems are high


Google Spam Checker Becomes Better As Artificial Intelligence Helps Identify and Get Rid Of Spam Mails

Google's artificial intelligence will now help in improving the efficiency of the Google Spam Checker as technology company says its technology is almost fool-proof. The company has confirmed that Google is now able to block 99.9 percent of spam email


Hero4 Session: New Camera by GoPro Is The Smallest And Lightest Model So Far

Known for its extreme-action video photography portfolio, GoPro is adding a new camera to its offerings. The new model is said to be the smallest and lightest option by the company so far

The latest software Microsoft Office 2016 was launched on Tuesday by Microsoft that can do a collaborative work across multiple devices.

Office 2016 For Mac: Microsoft Confirms New Office Update For Mac

Mac users have reason to rejoice as Microsoft has confirmed the launch of the new Office update for Mac systems. The new version will initially available to Office 365 users. New version includes host of new features exclusively for Mac

Vine app

Vine App Update: New App Will Allow Users To Upload Videos More Easily; Other Features Also Introduced

Twitter owned app Vine is a popular choice for video uploads especially for the small duration videos. The new Vine app update will make it easier for users to upload videos, identify what other people are sharing and even stay updated more easily


Microsoft Axing Photosynth, Many Other MSN Apps Also Expected To Meet Similar Fate

Technology company Microsoft has announced that it will axing the Photosynth App for iOS along with several other MSN apps citing reasons that they are extremely unpopular.The move is being called an initiative to clear the deck for more development. The update is expected to happen in the fall, this season

Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services: New Device Farm Introduced To Test Apps For Android And Fire OS

The latest update from Amazon Web Services includes Device Farm for developers that will allow them to test the apps for Android and Fire Operating System on the data that is stored in its system. Developers will be given the freedom to choose the platform on which they want to run the app

IBM Chip

IBM Chip Manufacturing: Technology Giant Overcomes Major Hurdles; Making Silicon Chips With Smallest Components

Recently, IBM Chip Manufacturing reached a new high when the experts developed a silicon chip with the smallest components till date. The company confirmed that it was now equipped to develop silicon chips with parts as small as seven nanometers which is the size of a tiny red blood cell.

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