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Blizzard will soon roll out a whole new set of skills for

Overwatch News: Blizzard Gives Symmetra a Second Ultimate Skill

Symmetra, despite its varied set support of skills, is widely considered as one of the least-played heroes in “Overwatch.” Due to this lack of interest, “Overwatch” developer Blizzard recently announced that it is overhauling the character.

Diablo 4

‘Diablo IV’ Rumors Surface as BlizzCon Draws Closer

As this year's BlizzCon draws closer, rumors about the existence of "Diablo IV" have been making rounds in the gaming community.

Visitors try out the massively multiplayer online role-playing game 'World Of Warcraft' at the Blizzard Entertainment stand at the Gamescom 2016 gaming trade fair during the media day on August 17, 2016 in Cologne, Germany.

NetEase, Blizzard Renew Online Game Partnership in China

NetEase announced on Tuesday it has renewed its online game partnership with Blizzard Entertainment in China until January 2020.

Gaming company Blizzard is urging websites to take down porn contents that depicts some of the characters from the recently released multiplayer first-person shooter “Overwatch.”

Blizzard Wants ‘Overwatch’ Porn to be Taken Offline

Gaming company Blizzard is urging websites to take down porn contents that depicts some of the characters from its released multiplayer first-person shooter "Overwatch." Following the game's beta release on May 5, popular porn website Pornhub reported an increase of 800 percent in searches for "Overwatch"-related content.

Chinese WoW-Themed Movie My WoW

Chinese Version of 'World of Warcraft' to be Released This Month

A Chinese epic fantasy film titled My WoW, (which means My World of Warcraft) is set for release this month, according to The Nanfang. Of note, this is not the Hollywood Warcraft movie

World of WarCraft

Blizzard Finally Comments About ‘World of Warcraft’ Nostalrius Server Takedown

A couple of weeks following the forced closure of a private 'World of Warcraft' server dubbed Nostalrius, Blizzard has finally spoken up regarding the cease and desist order filed against the developers of the private unofficial server.

Diablo 4

Blizzard Releases New ‘Diablo 2’ Patch 16 Years After Initial Release

Widely considered as one of the most successful and innovative video game title released in the last decade, Diablo 2 still remains relevant in today's overly crowded video game community. The game's developer Blizzard recently released an official patch for the game released 16 years ago. It has not been patched in the last five years.


Blizzard Promises an Exciting 2016 Hearthstone World Competition Offering $1 Million Prize Pool

The success of the previous Hearthstone world competition has prompted Blizzard to raise the pool prize from a measly $250,000 to a more respectable $1 million in the 2016 event. The game developer announced the raising of the prize money as well as other important details about the upcoming world championship on Wednesday.

Starcraft II

Starcraft II: Legacy of the Void Offers New Multiplayer Options and Protoss Units

Blizzard recently released the fifth Starcraft installment Legacy of the Void. Critics and gamers have praised the latest installment as it reintroduced old and new units with varying abilities and cooperative multiplayer options.

Night Dive Studio is Remaking the Legendary ‘System Shock’ Game

Night Dive Studio is Remaking the Legendary ‘System Shock’ Game

Night Dive Studio CEO Stephen Kick stated during an interview that their company is creating a full remake on the legendary game called ‘System Shock’. Kick made it clear on his statement that it is not about a digital restoring like the variant launched in September. Instead, they are making "from the ground up."


Warcraft Movie Trailer Unveiled – Humans and Orcs Battling Each Other for Survival

Legendary Pictures has finally unveiled the first tangible trailer of the highly anticipated Warcraft movie. Millions of fans have already watched the trailer video since on YouTube since its release on Friday.

World of WarCraft

‘World of WarCraft’ Update: Blizzard Wary on Creating Another MMO Sequel!

The famous MMO game "World of WarCraft" has recently given its fans the idea of creating another MMO sequel after they introduced their latest expansion"Legion: World of Warcrafts."

'World of Warcraft' Bot Creator Honorbuddy Surrenders in the Wake of Blizzard’s Banning Offensive

The developer for the WoW Honorbuddy bot has shutdown their authentication system in the wake of Blizzard's massive banning of accounts that uses their bots.

Meeting The Cow Queen In 'Diablo III' Surfaces [RUMORS] – Blizzard ‘Debunks the Cowspiracy’

There are reports that "Diablo III" has secret cow level in celebration of its third aniversary.

John Kerry

State Secretary John Kerry Fined for Not Clearing Blizzard Snow Outside Home

As proof that being a high government official does not exempt U.S. State Secretary John Kerry from federal and state laws, Boston authorities fined him $50 for not shoveling the snow outside his house.

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