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Hebei Province

SEZ in Hebei province.

New Special Economic Zone in the Outskirts of Beijing Leaves Real Estates Prices Soaring

China has announced that it will develop a special economic zone (SEZ) in one of the sleepy districts of Hebei province. This new SEZ, which will be located nearly 100 kilometers away from capital Beijing, is expected to revitalize the sluggish economy and minimize the burden on the over-populated city.

President Xi Jinping

Chinese President Xi Jinping Visits Sports Venues to Invigorate Plans for 2022 Winter Olympics

Chinese President Xi Jinping encouraged event's organizers on Monday to host an exceptional Winter Olympics in 2022 through thoughtful planning and proper use of resources.

Ongoing rescue operations

6-Year-Old Boy Who Fell in 80-Metre-Deep Well in China Found Dead

After over four days of rescue operations, the 6-year-old boy who fell into an 80-metre-deep (260 foot) well in Hebei Province on Sunday has finally been found dead.

Rainstorms Cause Floods In Provinces Of China

China Suspends Four Officials Over 'Ineffective' Flood Response

The Chinese government has suspended four government officials in Hebei province on Sunday for dereliction of duty in coping with the deadly floods that left more than 200 people dead.

China Issues New, Hard-to-forge Yuan Notes

Driving along China’s Grass Skyline Not Free Anymore

Driving along one of China’s most scenic roads will cost tourists and sightseers more than just fuel now, as a local government has begun charging an amount for every vehicle that enters and goes through it.

Water - Photo Illustrations

Chinese Residents Found Worms in Tap Water

Several homeowners living among the 13 high-rise buildings in Shijiazhuang found small worms in their tap water. The source of their water is a well sunk by the developer according to newspaper reports.

With the aim of easing “urban malaise,” Beijing will be transferring some of its functions to its neighboring cities.

Beijing to Relocate Prominent Universities, Medical Facilities to Hebei Province

With the aim of creating balance between Beijing and neighboring cities, several prominent universities in Beijing will be transferred to Hebei province, according to policymakers. This move is meant to ease the pressure on the city's infrastructure and resources and to alleviate "urban malaise" like traffic, shortage of resources and air pollution.

Local Chinese farmers utilize artificial light to grow plants

Chinese Farmers Use Electric Lamps to Grow Plants Amid Persistent Smog

As heavy smog continues to blanket Hebei Province in China, farmers have come up with a brilliant way to keep their crops and plants alive using electric lamps.

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