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Active Shooter Drill in New York City

Ready for ISIS? New York City Cops Mount Active Shooter Drill

Following the release of a video by ISIS containing threats to attack New York and Washington D.C., the New York Police Department is conducting a shooter drill. Are they ready for ISIS?

David Cameron:The world to unite to fight ISIS

David Cameron: World Uniting to Fight 'Evil Threat' of IS

British Prime Minister David Cameron has announced that the world is coming together in a bid to end the terrors caused by the Islamic State (ISIS). Speaking on behalf of his country on Monday alongside President François Hollande in Paris, Cameron said that the UK would do all that ispossible to help assist France attacks the jihadists in Syria.

A secret hacker group claims that they are making headways in their spying activities against ISIS.

Ghost Security Groups Spys on ISIS Instead of Hacking Them

A secret hacker group claims that they are making headways in spying on the activities of ISIS. The group known only as Ghost Security claims that spying and collecting critical information about ISIS have led them to thwart at least one terror attack.


ISIS Looks to Recruit More Fighters From Southeast Asia

In a bid to wreak more havoc around the world, ISIS may be looking for more fighters in Southeast Asia.

Angered Chinese President Xi Jinping announces to wage war against the Islamic State

China Declares War on ISIS After Terrorists Execute Chinese Hostage

Chinese President Xi Jinping has vowed to wage war on the Islamic State after the extremist group executed one of its citizens.

US President Barrack Obama

How Do we Fight ISIS? US President Obama Has an Answer

US President Barrack Obama has a simple answer to the question of how to fight ISIS as the latter continues to sow terror to the world.

ISIS Threatens New York

ISIS Already in America, Says Syrian Community Leader

A leader of the Syrian Community in New York City believes that the ISIS has already landed on American soil, according to New York Post.

Telegram, ISIS

Telegram Blocks ISIS-Controlled Channels

Secure messaging app Telegram announced on Wednesday that it is closing 78 public channels believed to have been used by Islamic State supporters and militants. The public channels covered 12 languages.

ISIS Threatens New York

New ISIS Video Threatens New York City

Days after the release of a video to attack Washington D.C., terror group ISIS has released another propaganda video that threatens to wreak havoc in New York City, CNN reports.

Islamic State Militants Execute Chinese and Norwegian Captives

Islamic State Militants Execute Chinese, Norwegian Captives

Islamic State militants announced on Wednesday that they have executed two foreign captives -- a Chinese and a Norwegian. The terrorists also bragged about their latest atrocities and released a photo of a bomb they claimed brought down a Russian passenger airliner in Egypt last month; killing more than 200 people.

CIA Director John Brennan, ISIS

CIA Director Calls for More Surveillance, Says ISIS Could Have Other Attacks 'in the Pipeline'

CIA Director John Brennan on Monday said that he suspects the Islamic State could be working on more terrorist plots against the West. His statement follows Friday's attack in Paris which killed at least 129 people and left hundreds more injured.

Tony Hung

Tony Hung Urges Nations to Kill ISIS

TVB host and actor Tony Hung is one of many Hong Kong celebrities who reacted on social media to the recent attacks in Paris. Hung posted an image on Instagram with an image that reads, "KEEP CALM AND KILL ISIS." He captioning the post with "To lessen violence, one must use more violence."

ISIS: 'We Will Strike America at its Center in Washington'

After threatening to own the Kremlin, ISIS released a new video on Monday vowing to attack the U.S. capital, Washington.

ISIS Terrorists Possibly Used PlayStation 4 to Discussed and Planned the Attacks in Paris

ISIS Terrorists Possibly Used PlayStation 4 to Discuss, Plan Paris Attacks

Authorities have discovered that the militants who carried out the recent attacks in Paris may have discussed and planned the seige using the most popular gaming console in the world; Sony's PlayStation 4.

Alabama Governor Refuses Entry Of Syrian Refugees To His State After Paris Terror Attacks

Alabama Governor Refuses Entry of Syrian Refugees to His State After Terrorist Attacks in Paris

Alabama Governor Robert Bentley has vehemently refused the idea of the relocation of Syrian refugees to his state following the terrorist attacks in Paris this past Friday.

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